Nobody from Nowhere Through this charity she is godmother to five Cambodian orphans, and has funded the construction of a children’s home in Battambang. Parallel to that is a character that might have come out of “Pulp fiction”, one William Pound who evokes William Blake’s ominous “Tiger, tiger burning bright” during a bloody killing, and an assortment of other poets on other similar occasions. The film is in both English and French subtitled in English and it is refreshing for a groups of actors to move so graciously between the languages. Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. An American spy, named Elliot who possesses very secret pieces of information, give an appointment in Paris to three people that are his daughter Orlando that he has not seen since ten years, his adopted child, David and a female faithful friend who has formerly worked with him, Irene. The First Act “.

Archived from the original on 18 July Silver Bear for Best Actress. The use of poetry, silence, out-of-focus visuals, etc. Plus every once in awhile he calls his shrink and talks to him about things that bother him. Le Monde in French. Her next role, in The English Patient reinforced her position as an international movie star. Just add a weird assassin William Pound persistently lurking behind the three for an ultimate clean shot at Elliot. Binoche has said her inspirations for the role were her friend and coach Vernice Klier who suffered a similar tragedy, and the book The Black Veil by Anny Duperey which deals with the author’s grief at losing her parents at a young age.

Ma Loute won much praise from French critics and was a popular success at the French box office. Forget the ten minute brushing teeth conversation, forget the threesome pillow fight, forget poor old Elliot getting shot through the window and everyone else still walking around past the window as though knowing only Elliot is going to get shot forget all these silly moments and what we have left is a pretty boring film.

Juliette Binoche

Adieu Blaireau failed to have much impact with critics or audiences. After Turturro “Pound” would kill someone or come close he’d immediately get his psychiatrist on the phone. The actors turn in performances that they were asked to do – you can’t really fault them here – but the director’s pointlessly obsessive playing around with the focus is at best irritating, but mostly just tiresome. To conclude, I must mention Tom Riley and Juliette Binoche’s remarkable performance, a very original aesthetic “parti pris”, and a very pleasant bittersweet humor I think for example of John Turturro’s dialogs with his psychiatrist.


This debut feature from Joan Chemla begins with a riotous Romani wedding impressively filmed, but soon gets stuck in a grim flop house. When Binoche was awarded the Best Actress award at the festival, brandishing his name on a placard, she used her speech as an opportunity to raise Panahi’s plight once again. If you like art-house, DON’T watch this movie.

If you’ve seen “A beautiful country” you’ll know what I mean. The film was particularly significant in France as it was at the time the most expensive film in the history of French cinema. Stage dive blunts James’s picking”. Binoche was born in Paris, the daughter of Jean-Marie Binoche, a director, actor, and sculptor, and Monique Yvette Stalens, a teacher, director, and actress.

Juliette Binoche French pronunciation: Released at the Berlin International Film FestivalBruno Dumont ‘s Camille Claudel is a drama recounting three days of the thirty years French artist Camille Claudel Binoche spent in a mental asylum though she had not been diagnosed with any malady.

A Toronto police officer finds her husband and son violently murdered. Archived from the original on 29 June But then, David’s half-sister Orlando Sara Forestier appears to hate him and all Americans so much that they will end up together.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Other than good performances from Juliette Binoche, Sara Forestier and the likable newcomer Tom Riley, this movie doesn’t have much to recommend it.

Whilst it would be untrue to say those hopes were dashed this IS a film that in refusing classification will alienate as many, if not more, than it intrigues. Edit Storyline A Toronto police officer finds her husband and son violently murdered. They are the reason why i watched this because they made it sound exciting with those quotes about “blood drenched streets” and Turturro’s “tour de force performance”. Turturro is one of my favourite actors and he tries very hard to do something with his character, unfortunately he fails.

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Retrieved 28 May Or told about their dear father’s second secret family that you never knew about? After ffilm about Antoine’s From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Luc, an architect viopences married man from Quebec, begins an extramarital affair with Lindsay while on a business trip to Toronto. InBinoche starred on stage in a new English language translation of Antigone. Archived from the original on 2 August Retrieved 29 May Set inthe film tells the unusual story of two families linked by an unlikely romance.


On 7 FebruaryBinoche attended a high-profile demonstration organised by Reporters Without Borders in support of Jill Carroll and two Iraqi journalists who had been abducted in Baghdad. After watching it for a second time recently I began to realize why the rating was so low.

That was a little funny, and possibly more should have been done with this area. When she wakes up, she discovers that 15 years have passed. Best Actress at Venice for Three Colors: When Binoche’s parents divorced infour-year-old Binoche and her sister Marion were sent to a provincial boarding school.

Ni pour, ni contre bien au contraire

A Few Days in September is a thriller set between 5 and 11 Septemberin which Binoche plays a French secret service agent, who may, or may not, have information relating to impending attacks on the U. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. Here is a young man who goes to Paris to meet his father, is confronted by two people he doesn’t know, has two guns drawn at him ready to fire, is subsequently told his father had a secret family in France and Sara Forestier “Orlando” is his half-sister he never knew about.

The “laughter” of a sophisticated Binoche when a banality is uttered. Binoche continues to lobby on his behalf. Retrieved 2 August Awards for Juliette Binoche. Most of the movie is constructed around the trail of the threesome, chasing after one after another aborted meeting with Elliot. Intreaguing storyline, great characters. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

At this point, Binoche seemed to be at a crossroads in her career.

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Archived from the original on 7 September Even John Turturro, who I have never seen in a bad role, is bad in this bomb. The Europe eantiago and scenery are done nicely.

Focussing on the story of a gifted Russian ballerina, Polina Anastasia Shevtsoda. Young Man Alejandro Jorge Botto Nearly French stars were given disposable cameras, which were then auctioned, the buyer then having the exclusive photos taken by the star developed.