Especially about the relationship between Idgie and Ruth. Retrieved from ” https: When I put this post up I wasn’t finished reading the novel. The man who beats upp a women is barbequed. This question wasn’t to judge the characters either way. And that’s why this discussion does matter. I believe Idgy and Ruth were lovers. Jan 31,

Flagg was quoted in the link saying that she wasn’t concerned about the relationship. I do feel that they did love each other as significant others do, but I don’t know that at the time the story takes place that such a physical relationship could have been possible, without backlash from society, which is why I think Flagg hints at it without going into detail. This story and the following movie is in my top 10 all time favorites and this relationship is one that in some shape or form we wish we all had, be it with a woman or a man, the trust, faith and loyalty is what we all really want. Skip down to the third page where the author references what Rita Mae Brown has to say about Fannie Flag and what inspired her to write the novel. Years later, I found the answer. I only remember noticing it after the first million times. Films directed by Jon Avnet. Of course they were.

Threadgoode were different people, but in the movie it was suggested they were the same. For Ruth and Idgy, it is possible, if they were real toomatoes, that they would never have registered that their love was a sexual thing.

So to attack someone else’s interpretation is ridiculous. The revelation to these two women that they could live happy lives without male companionship, as well as the empowerment of their story on Evelyn’s life was quite a refreshing story line to me.

You said it in a nutshell. As for Ruth and Idgie, it was written such that if there was sex between them, it wasn’t the most important aspect of their relationship. Do you think Ruth and Idgy were lovers? Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.

To help clarify a few points: Jul 28, I loved them when I thought they tomatofs just very good friends who had chosen to open a cafe together and live together and raise a child together and be together foreverbut I loved them even more when I realised that I had been growing up with a sneakily non-heteronormative portrait of romantic happiness.


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Remember the scene when all three were walking by the water, Idgie in front reaching behind for Ruth’s hand while Buddy held Ruth’ I’m not sure why you’re suggesting that they didn’t understand that they had a romantic sexual rel I’m not sure why you’re idtie that they didn’t understand that they had a romantic sexual relationship with one another. That’s after only knowing her for a year and a half. Don’t you think she couldn’t have toatoes that she wanted around here?

The footage of her covered in a swarm of live bees is seen in the final version of the film. Frank eventually returns to Whistle Stop to kidnap Buddy, Jr. When my mum moved house recently, for the first time in years, she handed me a box of junk and asked me to either bin it or take it back to London with me: Why a Little Film Bloomed: She felt the only answer was to return home and marry Frank Bennett.

Fried Green Tomatoes – The movie’s horribly nasty secret

Ruth knows the exact moment she began to love Idgie. Policies and guidelines Contact us. I believe Idgy and Ruth were lovers. Personally I like the way she did this because you know and the town knows they are together, but no one cares because they are happy and good for each other.

Sep 07, Flagg has Evelyn go to the cemetry after Ninny Mrs. Again, I’m not talking about the movie, but the book. Idgy also slept with the red headed woman that Buddy had a romantic relationship with.

Throughout this thread there have been some who have suggested that the nature of Idgie and Ruth’s relationship “doesn’t matter”, or that it is reductive in some way if one interprets them through that prism.

This question wasn’t to judge the characters either way.

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Retrieved February 19, They were a family in the purest sense, protection love and raising a child. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.


I believe that Flagg does not reveal the whole story as to whether the two woman had physical love, because it is not important to the story. Ruth swears that she does, but Idgie doesn’t believe her. He decided to turn the story into a film and fied the idea to Norman Lear ‘s company, Act III Communications, who were interested and gave him a small budget for a screenwriter.

At the end of idbie book, Evelyn visits Ninny Threadgood’s grave. All she’d have to do is snap her fingers. In the book Ninny is married to Idgie’s brother.

There are many portions of the book where 3rd person narratives clearly define them as seperate people. However readers interpretation will trump the writers proclaim. As for the relationship between Idgy and Ruth, I always wondered in the movie if they were lesbians or at least Idgy wanted Ruth, but feel it was definitely implied in the book.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I actually looked at the book alongside the movie pretty in depth for writing a research paper about the American Outlaw. This is sad, but it’s definitely better than forcing oneself into a loveless marriage with a member of the opposite sex just to conform to convention. British singer-songwriter Paul Young also appears on the soundtrack tomatles the song ” What Becomes of the Brokenhearted ,” which peaked at 22 on the Billboard Hot in March Shr left that movi open ended for interpretation.

Although she had some screenwriting experience, she found the process of turning her own novel into a script a strange one. Maybe there are no words for what was between Idgie and Ruth. Of course, Flagg doesn’t spell it out. Here’s a helpfull passage from the book: In the book they are lovers. It would matter if it were a heterosexual relationship so why is it” irrelevant” now?