Zapp and Leela are alone on an unknown planet after their mission to destroy a death star fails, while the rest of the gang tries to save Earth from being the star’s next victim. In the third part, which parodies Japanese anime, the team must defend Earth from dancing aliens. TV by the Numbers. March 28, [57]. Fry discovers a drawing of Leonardo da Vinci ‘s fabled lost invention hidden in the inventor’s beard that Farnsworth had kept. Against all odds, Leela manages to write a successful children story, which becomes a huge TV hit.

Retrieved June 26, Lrrr is later caught with Leela by the suspicious Ndnd and admits he faked the invasion and had an affair with Grrl, but Ndnd disregards those facts as she is only upset that he is letting Leela nag him. December 26, [50]. Retrieved September 10, Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Amy gets together with Bender after she breaks up with Kif, which catches the ire of Dr.

The sixth season of Futurama originally aired on Comedy Central from June 24,to September 8,and consisted of 26 episodes.

Groening, Cohen and the cast expressed extreme optimism for the return of Futuramawith Katey Sagal and Phil LaMarr claiming that the new season’s episodes are “hysterical” and “the best yet”. Retrieved March 19, March 28, [53].

Mars University Futurama Episode 2.

The plan is successful, once again halting the rotation of Thuban 9, and Amy receives her doctorate for her efforts. Bender goes into witness relocation after testifying against the robot Mafia.

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June 24, [54]. Upon releasing microrobots in a pond, non-organic life begins to evolve on ssason planet. Optional commentaries for all 13 episodes Deleted and extended scenes “Bend it Like Bender” featurette “Previously On Peppy concept artwork Easter egg media. But Leela’s success comes with a secret.

Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved July 3, With the help of HermesBender decides to confront his inspector from when he was first manufactured, known to him only as Inspector 5.

Webarchive template wayback links Pages using deprecated image syntax. With Bender in the lead, Fry resorts to posting an embarrassing video of Leela revealing she has a singing boil on her rear named Susangaining him enough followers to end the bet with a tie. While traveling through the Bermuda Tetrahedron, the crew encounters a giant 4-dimensional space whale. Retrieved August 25, Bender is caught by Nikolai, but futurma him into switching bodies with a robot bucket so he can live the life of an emperor.


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Epiosde Flight to Remember. Bender learns that he was never given a backup unit that allows the memories of robots to be uploaded into new bodies when they die, meaning he is not immortal as he always thought. Fry gets the common cold, which is futturama news for the 31st century Earth, where the common cold has been extinct for a long time, so no one is immune to it. Bender volunteers to switch minds with Farnsworth so he can use Amy’s body to rob the yacht of Robohungarian emperor Nikolai, while Farnsworth joins a circus in Bender’s body.

While arguing against Bender, Farnsworth suddenly remembers that his old girlfriend was also a robot. Farnsworth tries to prove the theory esason evolution to creationist orangutan Dr.

Further clues and investigation lead the crew to the Pantheonwhere they uncover Leonardo’s secret workshop filled with all his inventions. Volume 6which was released in the United States and Canada on December 20, When Zoidberg runs amok during the Decapodian mating season, Fry sets out to teach him how to woo a mate but things backfire when November 2, [51].

But instead of dying he turns into a ghost that haunts Fry. After failing at telling a story to the children at her old orphanarium, Leela comes up with a new story about weird aliens who laugh, sing, and learn important life lessons, which makes her the creator of the Tickelodeon Network’s newest show — until Bender learns the secret behind Leela’s success.

Retrieved from ” https: Zapp Brannigan later steers the ship near sfason black hole. Retrieved September 10, Several weeks later, out of laziness Futueama insists on celebrating the fake “Robanaca”. On June 9,20th Century Fox 6226 that Comedy Central had picked up the show for 26 new half-hour episodes that began airing on June 24, sezson By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Fry and Farnsworth then take the spacecraft back to Earth. X-mas, Robanaca and Kwanzaa. As a last resort, Leonardo pulls a lever on the machine which drops a giant cog on him and crushes him to death. The episode contains three separate stories. Professor Farnsworth reveals that the wormhole the Planet Express crew flew through to escape Zapp Brannigan led them back to Earth, where both ships crashed and killed everyone else.


Once more Robot Santa comes to town. Ndnd gets back together with Lrrr since he was at least willing to shoot Leela, and Fry is found to be alive since the “disintegration ray” turns out to be a novelty teleportation ray. Kif breaks up with Amy when she begins showing interest in “bad boys”, which leads her to become attracted to Bender. Besides the violence he spreads, this time he sings to the crew of the pine tree that are needed for a proper “X-mas”.

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Professor Farnsworth accidentally uncovers the blueprint for a mysterious Leonardo da Vinci invention, and he and his crew travel to Rome for answers. Fry and Farnsworth enter the craft and are taken to Vinci, a planet inhabited by humanoid intellectuals including E;isode himself, who came to Earth as a means to escape being bullied as the stupidest among his peers, but became infuriated by how much more stupid its inhabitants were.

A sinister cat uses Amy’s failed dissertation to launch his plan to save his home planet by destroying Earth.

Amy, who switched bodies with Hermes after overeating in Leela’s body so he may slim it back down, witnesses them making out and loses her appetite for good. Fry refuses to shoot either Leela when given the choice and accidentally shoots himself instead, and is revealed to be a robot as well.

A fishing trip over the seaon takes a turn for the worse when a colossal mouth bass pulls the Planet Express ship to the bottom of the sea The first 13 episodes known as Season 6-A [2] aired duringand the remaining 13 episodes known as Season 6-B [2] aired during