Kang-to awakens to find himself hooked back up to his IV. Dan is even more worried since Shunji promised to call her and tell her about Gaksital. Some things, although not intentional, make me laugh and that helps to calm my heartrate from all the action. And why did Kang To have to put his mask in slo mo while overlooking the city when he was in a hurry to meet Mok Dan? CupCake August 1, at Bengbeng July 25, at 9:

It took me a while to warm up to Joo Won for some reason. And I don’t understand what’s with all the Mok Dan bashing at least in the viki comments. But being a drama and a fictional one at that, it is probably toned down in that aspect. Mok Dan says goodbye to Boss Jo, and promises to return someday. Hurray for the cleaner, more old school look! Now his real journey will begin. Save for Kang-to, he’s the only other character I care about. I get TWO awesome odd-numbered episodes in a row?

Jennifer July 25, at 9: I haven’t watched the drama, just following it with the recaps, maybe someone can enlighten me. I think this time round the BM Korean subbers are older- they remember their grandparents stories as well.

And maybe he’s trying to draw the attention away from Damsari’s partner and buy her some time to escape? D the only bad thing is that the magical horse is also a pretty stupid horse – even with its rider incapacitated, he always goes back to the stupid tree Rie looks like an ajumma due to her heavy make up. Now, I’m not sure, I think you and Girlfriday is on your way if you’re agksital there yet on Guruhood. It’s like, “Horsey, appear! But I think he has the compassion for these people deep deep inside.

Why does she get to have a bodyguard whos so delicious?? I watched two minutes of it on my phone in the middle of class in school, the very end, and then i gasped out loud it was embarassing! I love that he plays bad cop literally to spare Shunji from answering, even as he wonders the same thing. I do hope they go that way epiwode that would mean that he reveals his identity to them.


That’s why he has drajabeans nice butt when he’s in his suit!! But I still got to give it to Baek Gun, it must have been a near impossible task carrying the 1.

So I feel that her reason for turning into Japan’s side is rather selfish. That’s Kang To, Mok Dan! Ivoire July 5, at 9: My heart went out to Shunji for the first time in many episodes during his breakdown. Really Shunji and Kang To are two of the most complex drama characters ever and they are on gaosital opposite paths. His mother and brother preferred living in poverty to his making money working as a Japanese cop. I think I sound crazy I’m praying reeeeaaaaallly hard for the writers not to succumb to fanservice and try too hard to keep up the ratings with all the lovey dovey stuff.

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I don’t remember brown blinds that u can close by turning the rod The ending of the episode was a great relief, because FINALLY our boy Kang to is not in life threatening danger but on a hill, hugging his beloved until the sun goes down? Gaksitxl uses this as leverage to pressure Chief Kimura into revealing his connection with the dead Judge Choi.

Whoops, that pokes a hole in his cover. Mok Dan seems somewhat inept. Love the transformation of both Kang To and Shunji. Just like the rest of us Well, I guess that is the best expression you could have when your ideals of democracy have spread through your people. Will everyone pat themselves on the back for finally destroying Gaksital? Can we get to the stabby part now?


I wish we could see her ideology and beliefs being challenged as they clash with the rest of the cast–that’s great fodder for conflict and character development. He picks her up and starts to haul her away, when Gaksital catches up to them and knocks the other men out.

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Rie-nun consoles Mok Dan with comforting words gaksitql God watching over them, and how the day will come when their oppressors will be driven off. He leaves right after the doctors, wanting to know what is wrong with Kang To and Kang To sits up behind him.

Democide-Years between Japanese murdered million people. It’s hard for me to put into words what I’m processing in my mind, so I’m going to eipsode numbers to help me organize things: Will she just accept Kang To as Gaksital and forgive him for all of his work for the Empire? To think, we have 16 more episodes of episodee hairstyle left! Another man throws another rock, and this one hits Kang-to in the head.

What really makes you tick? I was not judging them one way or the other. Remember this—I joined Kishokai to catch Gaksital, not because I share your ambition. BUT Im glad that she knows now. So sad when Kang To admitted that Shunji is his only friend. Gzksital can understand him doing those things because he’s descending more and more into the belly of the beast, thereby loosing touch with his humanity, but I don’t see how he would do those things just to fulfill requirements of the job.