I’m watching Yugioh Zexal right now. Good thing we turned on Shu to trust in a guy we never met! Gai dies early in the series? When did he seduce her? But I don’t recall seeing Yahiro in the overthrow so maybe there is still hope for them? Didn’t Neo-Gai just come out of a test tube??

Time to light them all on fire. ColourPop x Hello Kitty! I’m not able to watch most, because of the witchcraft and pegan princablesin them. PM me if your in Ireland. Shuu would still die if he took an arrow in the knee, no, I mean, took a gunshot in the chest? Her body, her right but if her goal was to be reunited with the man she loved I would think she would want to do everything in power possible in making him her first.

I’m assuming you are a girl and would understand a girl’s point of view better than me. There’s even a teaser of a 3rd gulity hopefully it arrives.

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This was Shu’s 5 seconds of emo in the episode. Google GloZell1 on You Tube. This has seriously been bothering me for a while. Sunday, February 26, Guilty Crown episode If I wanted to summarize this anime in three words, they’d be: Time to light them all on fire.


Kai sounds like some punk kid from Brooklyn now no offense to people from Brooklyn, only referring to the voice, not that people are punks there Waiting for the ending since people say they don’t like it Great Teacher Onizuka Onizuka is an ex-biker and gang leader who has one goal, to become the greatest teacher.

And so begins the stupid. This has gained him one less arm, a possible homicidal mom, and only one friend.

I am the one who killed him with my own hand. Both are amazing, but so far I prefer Dragon Ball. Subscribe to this thread. I want to hear from you? I thought Arisa was a pretty strong person and to fall apart so quickly and then it turns out she did this all for a MAN she knew for about 5 minutes I’m currently on episode 10 of Death Note, this is my first time watching it xP So far its cool, its a smart anime xD Makes you think outside the box!

I agree with your thoughts about Arisa. There still has to be plot before we pull weapons out of boobies okay?

I want a tournament gulty Summer. Look at me sorta being alive and creepy. Hurry find a creepy kid and Alice! There should have been way more crying over Shu’s death.


Nendoroid Mami Tomoe is making her presence known! Black Rock Shooter episode 1!

What anime are you currently watching?

So quick these kids change sides. Let’s hate the rain together! Is Arisa sleeping with everyone to gain positions in life?

Bring her back to life! I liked Hare better than Inori. About Me Christina i am a pretty opinionated person and have ruffled a few feathers in my life.

Gravion The year is now AD. I predict they will walk outside the gate and be killed on sight.

Tenchi’s Thoughts: Guilty Crown episode Making sense is overrated

This show had such potential and everything a good show needs I’m not able to watch most, because of the witchcraft and pegan princablesin them. Bundle 2 5 years ago. The 50th episode was very funny. But I think I understand why she had to use her body We has an early day tomorrow and yet time has gotten away from me.