In this way, anything Eastern involving mysticism or fighting is a veritable well of immediate movie value hence the 80’s ninja craze. For these approximately 20 minutes, “Gymkata” director Robert Clouse makes this otherwise boring film quite visually arresting Paley as Edward Bell John Barrett Unsung Masterpiece esb 28 December Bad men’s adventure fiction with the power of karate, the speed and precision of gymnastics, and the danger of confusing medieval feats of strength: Plenty of gymnastics, plenty of ninjitsu. A teenage gymnast CIA recruit vs a village of Transylvanian ninja in a human-hunting decathlon to get the US defense dept a wish granted. There’s much more to this film that meets the eye.

Do the Oscars Need a Host? Paley as Edward Bell John Barrett You are invited to witness the deadliest martial art of them all The budget is low. Kurt Thomas as the baby-faced “hero” displays some considerable acrobatic skills, but not a whit of acting talent whatsoever. This really happened in Hollywood in the s, which gives you some idea of exactly how much cocaine was flowing through that place back then.

Or the really tough shirtless bad guy who likes to make and break “The Game”‘s non-existent rules whenever he so pleases.

A man named “Thorg,” who has been admired by the hero “since Munich. All white guys, including an olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, Kurt Thomas.

Like Curt Thomas might be a garbage actor, but that sonnuvabitch had some real athletic ability. The gymkaga thing about “Gymkata” is that it takes itself very seriously. This really happened in Hollywood in the acst, which gives you some idea of exactly how much cocaine was flowing through that place back then.

Steve K Super Reviewer. Like the gymnast’s mysterious Asian girlfriend, who doesn’t speak gymata the first half hour of the movie, then all of a sudden begins to talk, and doesn’t shut up for the rest of the time!


Oct 6, Rating: A man who severs his own hand for no apparent reason in the aforementioned town. The scenery only serves to further enhance this impression, accompanied by exemplary photography. A lot, I’d say about half the cast, dies from being shot with an arrow.

Perfect for the crazy film it is, unforgettable!

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So where in the martial arts action epic genre some directors sacrifice acting talent and bad english for superb martial arts Ninja 3: In this way, anything Eastern involving mysticism or fighting is a veritable well of immediate gymata value hence the 80’s ninja craze.

You see his dad was another quasi-government agent, who has gone missing competing in this game, called, eloquently, “The Game. Director Robert Clouse, with the help of mvoie sharp, powerful and precise script, did a brilliant job of merging two viewpoints as different as the Eastern philosophy of martial arts with the western culture of achievements and rapid success. Only in the 80’s could a movie with such a bad idea get made. If he movif, his prize is one wish, which he will use to allow the U.

No, this movie doesn’t have the best acting in it, but when I read that this ,ovie was coming on DVD this week, it made me smile because I actually enjoyed this movie and have watched it a few times back in the day. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, when he returns he finds out that his handler has betrayed him to the enemy.

However, these two characters soon find that they were meant to complement each other. But any given “Ninja” movie will give you much more entertainment, and you won’t feel as guilty about laughing. Unsung Masterpiece movle 28 December Mullet Wars at its best man. Okay, so it doesn’t but still, that bare bones plot sypnopsis doesn’t begin to describe the joys of this cat.


Buck Kartalian as The Kahn. From the director of Enter the Dragon, comes a craptacular shitfest.

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If you like BAD movies, this is your ticket. A martial arts rock band goes up against a band of motorcycle ninjas who have tightened their grip on Florida’s narcotics trade.

Students of political science, history, phrenology and martial arts alike will find something to enjoy in this film. What do get when you combine castt along with karate? The one film on here that particularly surprised me Ahh that is was to be selected to be in the promotion was the film Gymkata with Kurt Thomas the Olympic gymlata which was an MGM film from One interesting thing of note.

But Ygmkata love Gymkata. A Star Is Born 7. Dialogue and acting both horrendous pretty much across the board. Kurt Thomas’s wardrobe and haircut. No real film lover could help but muster some affection for this bedraggled action movie, gymkaga in an extremely unpicturesque Yugoslavia on a budget that must number in the hundreds of dollars. Conan Lee as Hao. Also, the flagmen, dressed in colorful uniforms pointing the way to the next obstacle.