It’s time to end this matter. You are now quite a big young man – it is for this reason that you will stay here. Did you not think of me at all? Back in the divan, the Sultan says “Everybody should know that my Rumelia governor-general Rusrev Pasha is my Kubbe Vizier from now on. I have never seen Hurrem Sultan not achieve what she wants What was the need Mustafa? Meanwhile, Nigar watches the Olivia, the girl that Rustem brought from the meyhane with curiosity and perhaps some suspicion. Our soldiers have captured some of their letters.

Otherwise, how will he rule the Devlet-i Aliyye after I am gone? This is what I have done Then he says, it is obvious Hurrem interfered Mustafa replies that Mehmet is his brother, and she should have no doubt of the fact that she will always see them this way. It is impossible actually. She is shocked to see Bali Bey speaking privately with Mihrimah.

Our Shehzade wanted to aoltan them according to the customs. You must have forgotten that in front of you stands a Sultana!

Apparently Esmahan Sultan has been meeting secretly with Bali Bey This type of issue cannot even be brought up. I order you to immediately return to the center of the world Istanbul and stand in front of me, so that you may apologize to me.

Muhteşem yüzyıl english subtitles episode 90

I will show you the best fpisode town has to offer. Before going on soltna way – give heed to my words This is what I have done What will I do now? I have all the faith in him. In the chambers of the Hunkar, Suleyman asks Husref Pasha how he is doing. Do not fall into the same trap again. There is also another matter that I wanted to speak to you about. This kind of thing is impossible!


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Yes if you need the dismissal for duo. Why is he going again? Later in the Palace, the Sultan is in his room when Bali Bey arrives. Now return to your room And while knowing you did not tell me partiee All rights to material on this website are reserved to blogger user “CrazyTurkVids”.

Will not my wish paryie bright, too? We then see two guards bring Benito to see Mustafa outside, who says he is here to speak to him about Gabriela, and he has some information about her. Episode 84 Trailer Translation!

Suddenly Mahidevran walks into the room and asks why Gabriela is here, and she says she was waiting for her. Immediately send news of this to the Hunkar. May Allah keep your path clear.

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I am stuck in between two fires. The Turks are not an easy enemy to overcome. The Spanish, Venetians, Malta and some other principalities have made an alliance. Bali Bey is in his room packing when Mihrimah enters.


She tells him she has come to meet with Mahidevran. Later in Manisa, Mustafa arrives Thank God you are buried this calamity!

I said that they would brighten up my path From now, without asking me a jarim will not fly! Newer Post Older Post Home.

Muhteşem Yüzyıl English Subtitles Episode 90

The harem is in an uproar It has nothing to do with me. Mehmet and I will be going. Time passes and it is time for Suleyman to leave for the campaign. Meanwhile, Shah is speaking to the Sultan, who asks what is wrong, what is the problem, but Shah says it is a good matter.

Forgive me I did not know you were coming! The orders from our Hunkar are clear, to have him executed.

The time to separate has come! I would never go back on my words!