Mara and Vera go head-to-head in a hearing to establish the truth of Mara’s claims. They get caught by Victor and everyone files down the stairs and back into their bedrooms. After looking up the hieroglyphic symbols on the back of the old painting, Nina and Fabian conclude that the treasure is hidden underneath the eighth stair. Patricia persuades Mara to help her steal Joy’s file from Mr Sweet’s office, instigating a bag search by Victor. The two mutually decide to break up. Nina and Fabian sneak back to the house to take the other puzzle pieces before Victor gets to them. Patricia and Alfie start to hang out so they can help each other avoid nightmares.

Meanwhile, a gloating Rufus tells Nina and Sibuna that not even Victor knows the full consequences of drinking from the Cup of Immortality. Nina learns that every chosen one has a special champion to protect her. Meanwhile, Jerome hacks Jasper’s computer and proof that he is working for the Collector and then he finds a coded call for help from Trudy. Alfie is in the tunnels, and finds the doorway. Joy and Mara sign up for the school website. They still think she is the sinner, even though she keeps trying to make it very clear she’s not.

Mara changes her appearance and personality to try to impress Mick and not be “boring”. Sibuna decides to return to the cellar in order to collect a sample of the elixir, with Alfie insisting that he should go alone to prove himself.

Due to Fabian being hexed with memory loss, he calls Joy “Pam” which sends her running out in tears confirming her crush is indeed crushed. Sweet housd the residents that an exhibit went missing during their museum visit, so Mr.

After Rufus kinofazza from it, he puts it in the fire and leaves. Jerome’s list of Mara and Willow’s pros and cons ends up in Joy’s hands – but what will she do with it? In the cellar, Alfie and Jerome scare the others, which causes Willow and Sophia to go upstairs.

The doorway opens, revealing Frobisher’s crypt. The Sibunas discover the identity of the man in the tank as Robert Frobisher-Smythe. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the Rating: A new boy, Eddie, arrives and instantly makes an enemy in Patricia.


Nina gets a vision about herself turning into Senkhara and the Sibuna gang is running away from her. Nina finds out the Cup is not destroyed after all. Victor discovers the secret room and installs one of Frobisher’s fatal booby traps. Jerome’s sister, Poppy, reads her father’s letter to Jerome. With KT gone, Eddie must rely on Fabian who helps them win the tournament. While searching the kids’ rooms, Vera gets a hold of the extra amulet hidden in the dollhouse.

Joy is captured by her father, Victor, kinofzza the others in the Society of Ankh order her to annubis the Znubis as the Chosen Hour arrives. The students return after the holidays.

The Sibunas are trapped in the crypt! Eddie and KT are shocked to find a photo of the ‘real’ Miss Denby but Eddie recognizes her- she’s the woman from his vision! The dollhouse begins to communicate with Nina, and she thinks kf the Mask is in the house. Joy finally understands the real reason of their visit to the Gatehouse.

It turns out that Fabian switched the real elixir of life with a fake one and threw housse real one away. Thanks to Sarah’s communication through the dollhouse, Sibuna figures out the correct sequence to safely cross the deadly hopscotch.

Patricia sees a mysterious man hanging around on the school grounds and is freaked out, thinking it is a ghost. Amber is regretting agreeing to be Alfie’s girlfriend. Sweet’s son and the entire school hears her. Eddie and KT investigate Miss Denby. Meanwhile, Joy, Mara and Willow come up with a plan to get back at Jerome. While Nina and Fabian try to take the amulets off Victor, he nearly awakes from the sound of Nina cutting the amulets off him. Jerome believes Vera has stolen the dollhouse and Nina and Fabian realize that Vera is after the Mask.

The Sibunas search for the artefacts with the help of a family rhyme when the phonograph is mysteriously restored.


Azzahra beauty house

When Nina and Fabian are in the cellar, Nina tries to discuss with Fabian how Amber keeps saying they were best friends before and still are, instead of being boyfriend and girlfriend. KT attempts to kinofazx her key but nearly gets turned into a sinner. Anhbis yells at Nina for visiting Gran instead of working through the tunnels. Sweet and Victor already in there. Victor announces that they will go ahead and have a celebration.

Harriet Denby was the original keeper until Caroline was seasoon. Fabian and Mara develop a liking for each other. Facebook gives people the. He will need to if they are to finish the Task. And just as Nina is getting over the speed at which Amber is aging, Alfie turns into a baby Eddie’s prank on Mr.

Amber makes a copy but Fabian can’t decipher any of the symbols. While all this plays out, Patricia encourages the others to become involved in an initiation ceremony for Nina — the first part of which is to steal Victor’s spare key to the attic.

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KT goes to the Gatehouse looking for answers but may get more than she hoped for First, they start chanting something in their sleep and the next day in art class they all end up drawing the same thing.

Sibuna manages to open the old stove in the kitchen with Nina’s pendant, and it leads them down into the cellar where they find the next clue — an old tethering ring with a code on the inside. When they go into the secret room, Amber follows and is accidentally locked in.

Victor has been blinded by the beacon flash, though, and Sibuna only just manages to seasin him.