Her most recent poetry books are Paradise for Everyone Shearsman and Increment a family romance Bronze Skull , parts of which appear in digital form as Vex Increment www. Sessantaquattro poeti italiani fra due secoli, Rome, and Nuovi poeti italiani, edited by P. She created a legacy of textual intervention in politics. And with regard to syntax one can speak of the examples of Fabrizio Lombardo, Mario Desiati, Andrea Ponso, Andrea Raos, Luigi Severi, Andrea Inglese, Massimo Gezzi, Gherardo Bortolotti, Christian Raimo, Sara Ventroni, and Lidia Riviello the last three being performers as well ; while with regard to montage, cut-ups, explosion or distortion of the schemes of perception and from the first performance, one must consider the examples of Esse Zeta Atona Laura Cingolani and Fabio Lapiana and Sparajurij, if not of Michele Zaffarano, who would however merit a separate reflection, for his radically non-performative choices. Riferito ad Angelo Cagnone. Remember me on this computer.

And felt compelled to rip up the page and turn from these pronouns: They are mostly privileged, mostly highly educated. There is no indigeneity. What constitutes the Italianness of thought produced in the languages of that welter of a peninsula; to what does this weighty but vague cultural and geographical qualification point? Since the internet connection is down anyway, David spends a great deal of time at the swimming pool. I thought about it there, wandering around Los Alamos on top of the mesas in the midst of spectacular mountain vistas, open spaces left largely pristine from development because of the still-secret nuclear weapons work done there. He continued writing until he finally died of tuberculosis in the Terezin concentration camp. Grisons, the texts, the head that gets cut, straightaway manuscripted.

Ultimately I have to filn all of my Italian and Italian-speaking friends for their banter, hospitality, and affection, which have borne me through countless exchanges of joyous puzzlement and recognition.


At last the poets had asked: What the body gets used to, out of necessity operates as a reminder of what came before. Among his many publications are a prose translation of the Odyssey Log In Sign Up.

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The crying of the actual as better met by the broken glass of the page not cutting your fingers. I thrive in this latitude. Fracture lines desegto OUT. Zussurri vectors under my thumb, a vow hammocked. But there is dancing, and celebration. Anything piercing enough to penetrate. People who are not otherwise on comfortable speaking terms come together surprisingly well in the atmosphere that arises when poets from across the globe are collected in one place.

Dark good day to your weapons tear a flame colored bird from the chest of dark earth. Six tables and five gray men: She created a legacy of textual intervention in politics. He practically inhales the energy there before the readings.

Grisons, the texts, the head that gets cut, straightaway manuscripted. To define the science and its rhyme and its reason coursing of course through the nation the most favored land that ever will be. A Danish audience would never have lasted this long. For no one knows whether all will be gone tonight, tomorrow, or another day.

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And, subsequently, the after-flight leads to where the animals are collapsing, out-of-phase; as my misery is an immense expanse without interruption, a thousand wings that swarmed, swarm. Moto insurrezionale sperde il Dio tramaturgo.

An envelope, opened, has sticks in it. I am quite improdigal of kisses, you choose in me a rose stripped of flesh.

My motive not to be closed, facing the settling of accounts. An analogous argument can be made, however, regarding the public.

So much of the labor that follows resists narrative rationales, and whatever story of traduction twice over may be related here needs to be taken in as a happy start — as phases of a process, accretive or entropic, rather than an arrival. These are social issues. Christine would have to flee into exile. La macchia di margine.


She creates in writing the possibilities for peace. The internet has altered and is altering Italian letters at a pace that can hardly be tracked on paper, providing not only new channels of distribution, but newly available fonts of inspiration: This is a running theme throughout her work.

What does it manifest and suppress? The clap of its hooves against the cobblestones still rings in my ears. In another example, her Book of the Long Road of Learning resists closure by refusing to resolve the debate over the best qualities of kings. The opening ceremony is staged at the open-air theater Cerro Nutibarre.

In addition, he is the author of the e-book Berserker Alphabetics available free at www. A thin fire creeps my limbs in the eyes of a stranger. Two of the most important anthologies to me as a young, queer-female poet in the Bay Area were Moving Borders: Against the bright sky. And whether deserro government whether the government whether the government If governments are serious will determine the terms of the mission.

Poems in English Garzantia range of poly- and intralingual works, and prose pieces gathered in Diario ottuso Istituto Bibliografico Napoleone Nobody least of all the future, cares about the outcome of the quest.