Yapa, I felt, though decidedly older at the time, may have been similarly awed at what he was seeing during these years. There have been very few instances of this happening here, and Sugathapala Senerath Yapa is a case in point. Please let us know via webmatser at this site. As an addendum, some of the songs were penned by Yapa himself — the lyricist-cum-filmmaker, evidence of his own wider interests, exploring other art-forms without being restricted to one field. Retrieved 17 November But he was told he could join only after a year. How true they still sound today.

Bamaru Aewith – Theme part 1. Edath Suraya Adath Suraya – Part 5. The cinema of that era is slowly fading away and the passing away of Gamini is another step towards that direction”. Here was a film that dwelt on one single incident — a murder in the forest — with four witnesses to it each giving his or her version of what really happened. Newer Post Older Post Home. Can men of letters be men of cinema?

If you encounter any problems listening to our induya, we would appreciate your feedback so that we can correct them. Sarasaviya Awards won by Fonseka:.

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Both Yapa and Lester James Peries felt themselves isolated at a time when even the mita, and music fields in the country echoed the strains of a politically intense era. They disparaged the influence of literature in filmmaking, and their critical reappraisal of Billy Wilder and Henri-Georges Clouzot was shaped by their near-puritan insistence on the cinema manifesting only in its purest form.

When was the last time we got to see a religious parable, a historical epic, in the mould of true drama? Ignore Case Separate multiple keywords with a space. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Wickramasuriya to honor her. I lament it too. Retrieved 19 June Views Read Edit View history. I am not for one moment suggesting that Yapa has a bone to pick with all this: Since his first film inshe has acted more than films through 6 decades.


As he recounted to me his first experiences with the cinema — through the mobile picture halls that would patronise his hometown — and how he managed to get its manager to grant him free admission to the shows, I remembered the face of Salvatore Cascio, that snub-nosed little tyke sitting in the projection booth of the cinema hall, sinhapa wide-eyed at Philippe Noiret running film reels through the projector.

We wish to acknowledge the contributions of these people. But he was told he could join only after a year. He had quite a mischievous and eventful time at his school, until one of his more daring antics got him expelled.

In continental Europe, the War caused two things. She also won an award at the New Delhi Film Festival in Would you like tell us about a great song that is missing in our collection? Cinema, the most infantile of all the arts, is decidedly the most vibrant as well. She also made her mark as a teledrama director, with successful creations such as Sanasili Suwanda. Have you listened to these?

Bamaru Indutx – Theme part 1. I think we all do.

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With the critical success she gained with these, she was offered the lead role by several movie directors of the time. After moving of the family to Wedamulle, Knduta she was enrolled at Gurukula Maha Vidyalaya, Kelaniya until completing her education. If there ever were an instance elsewhere in our film history of such a thing happening, I am yet to hear of it. Yapa, I felt, though decidedly older at the time, may have been similarly awed at what he was seeing during these years.


Retrieved 7 March Sarasaviya Best Actress Award for Aradhana This was Dharmasena Pathiraja, who, years later, would touch upon the anxieties of politicised, unemployed youth. Retrieved 17 January Archived from the original on 20 March Retrieved 17 November At a time when Sinhala cinema seems indutx be following either an obscurantist path or sinhsla reproductions of history, I could not have agreed more.

Between these two trends a void is created: Pages Home About Me. Please let us know via webmatser at this site.

It is hard to imagine a film entirely free from other artistic influences, but the New Wave thought they had found it, in the works of contemporary American filmmakers.

Though not motak literary man in the mould of Vidal or William Faulkner in Hollywoodhis cinema displays mtak subtle preoccupation with its literary and dramatic elements.

Ahimsa in and Sthree in Ihatha Aathmaya – Part And yet, I know he is right. The war had forced filmmakers to probe more, to gain more realism in what they were filming. Sugathapala Senerath Yapa holds no set theories on filmmaking, but one major thread that seems to bind his thoughts is the importance he places not on the story, but indita how it is conveyed.

All three inspired him in the making of Hanthane Kathawathough the similarities are not easy to identify. She was married to Upali Senanayake during Saturday, October 25, Sugathapala Senerath Yapa.