His wife, Anjali, is waiting for him to turn up for the puja. She has the control of her world, it’s not Seung Jo anymore. But the Prince they have in mind is no angel, he has a dark side to him she’s not sure she wants to experience. Anjali and Nani decide not to forgive Arnav for humiliating their family. Will things get to much or will somehting else happen? Will everything be like before?

Its been 5 years since it all happened and now Lucas is back looking for what he left behind Girl Meets World – Rated: She went out of town while Seung Jo was busy in the hospital. Tae Kyung – Complete. Meanwhile, Arnav is missing at the London meeting. This is my take at what the Arshi story would have looked like had the story taken a turn after the temple bandage scene. Chapter 2 was based on Seung Jo’s diary epilogue 1.

Arnav tells Anjali that he sent Kushi to see her family. Will she see Shyam? Khushi impersonates Manorama and Madhumati to cheer up Payal. Snowed In by secretlover reviews Mitchie and Shane are snowed in during a blizzard.

While, Payal apologises to Akash for her behaviour, Lavanya and Nani hatch a plan to make Khushi stay back at the Raizada house. In Real Life We Make Mistakes by StrongerSkyscraper reviews With Shane being a pop star and Mitchie being a small town girl who loves Shane with all of her heart, this can only mean wtarplayer thing, it’s going to be one hell of a life.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon – video dailymotion

Not even her handsome captor, Jasper, who’s unaware of his effect on the vulnerable Princess. Arnav accuses Khushi of deliberately disrupting the show.

That’s how long they have. She’s not as easy to catch as he thinks. And now, he’s okay, and I’m so glad that he’s okay, but I’m just, I’m stuck with that list still. Ipkknr gets the papers signed forcing Shyam to confront Arnav. Khushi explains the disadvantages of a live-in relationship to Lavanya.


There was still one rose left anyway even though the cake was a mess.

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Lavanya on the other hand tells Arnav about Khushi’s decision. Tae Kyung – Complete. Gone by rain reviews Lucas’s thoughts after she’s gone. What will Madhumati do now? She Couldn’t Sleep by Emilongbottom99 reviews She had starpllayer counting the amount of times in which he had come up to check episoed them. The Princess and the Man in the High Castle by happycat12 reviews Sharplayer story of a girl who can’t be a Princess and the man who can’t love her Royals – Rated: Did Khushi meet with an accident?

You didnt give a crap about my feelings. Unsafe Place by flawlesspeasant reviews When eighteen year old Demi flees to her aunt and uncle’s house in southern Florida, she meets Joe. Sinha decides that the building is in a bad condition and may collapse any moment. Will she ever break free? How will Mitchie and Shane deal?

She is from Greenwich Village who is pulled into the world of the rich and famous when her parents receive promotions. Rated T because I wanted to: Hide ads with VIP. Nani and Lavanya continue their fake fight to make Khushi stay.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

Payal tends to Manorama’s inflamed face as she has an allergic reaction to the Holi powder. That was all that was going around in my head and I didn’t know if I could ever forgive him even through it sgarplayer his fault How will he react?

Will Shyam’s wrongdoing come to light? Payal tries to hide Akash from Madhumati while he is stuck to a chair. The next morning, Manorama wakes up Lavanya and asks her attend the aarti. Make It or Break It – Rated: Anjali is worried as Shyam is absent from the puja. Except that he didn’t think she was serious and would really try to go through it, and now he has to find a way around her determination. Meanwhile, Anjali is upset when Shyam tells her he will be late for her parents’ death anniversary ceremony.


And from there develops a love-triangle that becomes more and more complicated. K – English – Romance – Chapters: Can they go against the status quo?

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

How will Khushi react? Ageless Love by Mussofan04 reviews Mitchie, starplayef year old not-so-innocent farmer’s daughter gets a live-in nanny job. This is my take at what the Arshi story would have looked like had the story taken a turn after the temple bandage scene.

Shyam tries to dissuade Madhumati from going to Raizada house but she is determined.

This night it was just Riley and Lucas and they just want to forget everything but each other. Shyam bribes the priest before Anjali and her parents arrive. I’ll Be Home for Christmas by BubblegumPenguin reviews Mitchie is on her way to sstarplayer boyfriend’s home for Christmas, but a blizzard grounds her plane, leaving Mitchie stranded in an airport.

Arnav soon realises that Khushi is missing and sets out to search her. Manorama is intent on getting a rich daughter-in-law.