Because of the time difference in the film, we had to do seven years, the first seven years, then the next seven years. Member feedback about List of highest-grossing Nigerian films: During this time, some other filmmakers, such as Tunde Kelani and Tade Ogidan tried to make Post was not sent – check your email addresses! A lot of people were bitter about this, not just me. Member feedback about New Nigerian Cinema:

And he stood up to commend the film by saying that he feels so proud to be an African, and he wrote me a letter, recommending the film to another film festival, saying he has not seen such in a long time, even as a writer, he feels so impressed. Cinema of Nigeria Nigeria-related lists Lists of highest-grossing films by region. There are quite a number of people who are trying to set up a proper distribution framework, from cinema to dvd and pay-tv, and all of it. You can explore such options. Retrieved 22 January Do you feel like the acting experience helps you as a director? That might really work better. I usually post the edited versions of my articles that are published in Weekly Trust.

We are discussing with the distribution company. You can explore such options. Retrieved 22 January Are you planning to release it anytime soon on video.

List of highest-grossing Nigerian films

But if you get others, even like short courses, workshops outside Nigeria in whatever area you want to specialize, it will broaden your thinking, broaden your mind. So you suggest government set up structures that would allow people to make use of that?

I resigned my appointment from the bank inand went to film school at New York Film Academy, studied digital filmmaking, came back, and set up Golden Effects, which is a production house. In The FigurineSola and Femi switch to Yoruba for intimate conversations; youth corpers use pidgen in informal situations at their NYSC camp; Sola and Mona use English at home in their mixed-ethnic marriage but make a point of teaching their son greetings in both languages.


So, they should look inward and look at the best way to have a pan-African film industry, instead of condemning a growing industry from Nigeria. I went to him to let my feelings be known. So, I went to Tunde Kelani, because I used to see him around when my father used to shoot film. Unknown to them, the sculpture is from the goddess ‘Araromire’ which bestows seven years of irapaa luck on anyone who encounters it, and after the seven years have expired, seven years of bad luck follow.

I picked a few directors, I look out for films that are in that genre, and I watch them, do a case study on them, so that has really helped me. So majorly, story and production value.

You mentioned Tunde Kelani, what about Hollywood directors? I watch a lot of Indian films, as well. Retrieved 11 March I was never involved nigedian the production. In Magun Thunderboltfor example, the Igbo father of Ngozi, the woman struck with the curse of magun curse, converses in Igbo with her in front of the Yoruba babalawo.

They started travelling theatre.

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The Royal Hibiscus Hotel. That was how he started. Especially if the money is given to the right people who can utilize it. He came with irapaca wife, and they stayed and watched the whole film and they stayed for the question and answer. A whole lot of things got messed up.


Lists of box office number-one films. Along with that are there particular directors? That is where the Caribbeans, that is the only way they see that we actually have big houses and big cars. But there was no way I could achieve it because I was not a writer, I was not in any aspect of filmmaking. Retrieved 20 February Those films might not be doing well in the world film circle, but commercially they are doing great.

They are not up to Yes, and the fact that I watch a lot of films, even before going to film school. Since the early s, several discussions and conferences have been held, based on how to revamp the Nigerian film irpada and bring about more professionalism like it used to be in the golden era.

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Is that a growing industry or a deteriorating one? So, if it was all about format, then what are we talking about? If you can do both, it will be nice because experience really counts. He majored in economics and started out working in a bank while doing some casual acting, before deciding to move into full-time filmmaking and taking a course at the New York Film Academy.

Any time a festival is doing a retrospective on Nollywood, they are always inviting the film to be able to differentiate between the normal Nollywood style, and the New Nollywood, that is what I call it. Half of a Yellow Sun. If it sounds good, it sounds good.