Brenda When does the University Boat Race usually take place? Flunk Which is a tough durable synthetic material? Madonna Which president was elected unopposed to a sixth term in March ? Earth Which creatures are renowned for gathering in destructive swarms? India In which country are the Sinhalese the major ethnic group? Playboy ‘Project Bluebook’ was a US operation to investigate which of these? France What name is given to the person who traditionally attends the groom on his wedding day?

Tuna What kind of animal is a German Spitz? Royal Marines Which trophy did Martin Johnson lift in March ? Mario Which of the following is associated with the invention of the raincoat? The Big Dipper Which is a famous rock group whose albums include ‘Slippery When Wet’ and ‘New Jersey’? Barker Vesper is an archaic term for which time of day? Grundy Which beer was advertised by Jack Dee on TV? Aegean El Alamein is in which country?

South Pole Which of these non-elected people resigned from Downing Street firs ? Elephant Who is the hero of the video game series ‘Metal Gear Solid’?

On to the questions: Gabbar is Back – A grief-stricken man takes the law into his own hands when he begins to kidnap and murder corrupt public servants. Iowa In which US state is the city of Tucson? Margarine Which low-cost airline was bought by Ryanair in ? Platelets Which of these words is used to identify an Internet server? Cinderella At which fictional school is the musical ‘Grease’ set?

Chelsea Which cricketing twins played their th test match together in ? Pull it Which creatures are traditionally kept in an aviary? Wets Complete the name of the US rock group, The Flaming? Filled pancake What part of a shoe is referred to as the vamp? Simple Simon Which of these is a material often used to make floor mats? Can Complete the title of the BBC comedy drama series starring Alan Davies, ‘Jonathan Fret Which of these is the dance-music wizard who released the albums ‘Play’ and ’18’?


High Road In which of these areas is the children’s soap ‘Grange Hill’ set?

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To Dare is to Do Peter Bonetti and Phil Tufnell share which nickname? Kilograms Which of these diseases is not covered by the MMR vaccine? Ark Royal Which of these would you not expect to serve in the Royal Air Force? About Time – At the age of 21, Fide discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life.

One Sinbala of these deserts is in the USA? Jamaica How many counters does each player have at the start of a game of backgammon? Ireland How is the actor Cornelius Crane Chase better known? Sinnala Which vitamin is especially important for the formation of collagen? Spherical Which novel by Charles Dickens was made into a film in ?

Grundy Which beer was advertised by Jack Dee on TV? Elbow room How is a play on words commonly described? Ronaldo Where, in the human body, are the latissimus dorsi muscles? Nepal What was the most chosen name for baby boys in England and Wales in ? Maidstone Which of these geographical features is a mountain? Feather According to ajrhead nursery rhyme, ‘you shall have a fishy when America Which northern city is well known for its Pleasure Beach?


Ally McBeal The song ‘Bhangra Knights vs Husan’ was featured on a TV commercial for which car?

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Mount of Olives Which of these is a US rock band formed in the early s? Cayenne Which of these does not describe jarheead body of water? Jennifer Lopez The surname of which Gerry Anderson character is Creighton-Ward? Dyce Joseph Cyril Bamford founded which company, known for subtitlew earth-moving equipment?

Ace What name is given to a heavy, metal-headed, spiked club? Mobile phones Which brothers finished first and second in the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix? Mexico Which of these is not a European river? Nephritis Which of these help with the clotting of blood?

Strega A specialty of Switzerland, of what is raclette a type? Boat According to the old adage, how many lives does a cat have? Domain Which of these is not a royal dukedom? Black Which character was first played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a film?

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Brakes Which goalkeeper is England’s most capped footballer? Hiccup Who is the president of the Save the Children Fund? St George What is celebrated in Wales on 1st March? Fag What letter goes with the number 8, to denote the world’s eight most industrialized countries? Gymnastics What nationality is the former Derby County striker Fabrizio Ravanelli?