I am really thankful; they were a great source of strength for me. Retrieved 2 June Chaeyeon is eliminated from the competition because Park Jin-young observed that her inexperience and desire to do well obscured her natural charm and made her appear cold and stiff in the photos. Although she will still be a part of Major, Jihyo is chosen to perform along the Minor team. Retrieved 9 June Before the show starts, attendees will place the ball in the correct group’s bin to show which team did the best job promoting the show.

Retrieved 26 May The contestants are introduced and divided into two groups: Retrieved 23 December The match-ups are revealed to be Major A vs. Upon its premiere, the show was deemed “cruel” for its seemingly harsh format, most notably the way Minor team members were drastically disadvantaged in their housing and practice hours. The members of the Major and Minor groups will change as the contestants complete missions and show their skills.

However, he explains that this will be a good learning experience for her on her journey to stardom and sixten by telling her “you worked hard. We believed that she will be a great addition to really complete Twice. Majors were allowed to shop for designers clothes for the photo shoot and decided on a dark, yet youthful vampire concept, while minors were sent to a street market and designed a fresh concept inspired by Wonder Girls.

Retrieved from ” https: I haven’t given up.


CS1 Korean-language sources ko Articles with short description Articles containing Korean-language text. The girls are gathered by Park to announce the results.

Sixteen contestants were assessed for not only their singing and dancing sxteen but also their charisma and personality. Retrieved 23 December Retrieved 19 May Retrieved September 25, She finished in first place, and debuted and promoted with the show’s project girl group I.

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This vote will determine the other members of the Major team. The next day after the final episode, JYPE had released a short statement about the addition of Tzuyu and Momo into the final lineup of Twice: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Dahyun take the place of Natty, Somi, and Minyoung in Major lineup, respectively, thus eliminating them alongside Tzuyu and Chaeryeong.


After completing Variety Camp, Park gathers the girls together and announces that the mission will be member elections, where they will cast private votes on the Major and Minor line-ups.

Some insight into the show’s format was given, revealing that seven of the show’s contestants were already candidates for the new girl group while the remaining nine would seek to replace them in the final line up.

Retrieved 1 September Retrieved 8 May The losing teams then will compete against each other. However, the battles involving Somi, Minyoung, Mina, Eunsuh, Chaeyoung, Jihyo, Momo, and Natty will air the next episode, leaving their final fates unknown this week.

The competition stage is held before a live studio audience, whose votes will determine the winners of each battle. Twice went on to debut with their first single ” Like Ooh-Ahh ” on October 20, Retrieved May 20, Jihyo replaces Chaeyoung in the Majors lineup, sending her to Minors. The members of the Major and Minor groups will change as the contestants complete missions and show their skills.

I wanted to say that I got all of the gifts you sent me Retrieved 26 June Some noted the obvious tension between contestants as a symptom of these conditions and of the way trainees were controversially divided into Major and Minor teams. After the performance, the girls are taken to “Variety Camp,” where the girls get a lesson in epiaodes show charms from MCs Shin Bong-sun and Huh Kyung-hwan.

Category Commons Discography Awards and nominations Tours. The girls’ wixteen mission was “Album Jacket Cover,” which challenged them to focus and produce high-quality photos in less-than-ideal conditions. He announces that the girls’ last mission will be to become a real girl group onstage.


Retrieved 8 July Retrieved 3 June After the show ended, Jiwon chose to leave the agency and pursue her talents elsewhere. The losers of the second battle will be up for elimination. Eunsuh is eliminated from competition because she forgot her choreography in the middle of her stage.

The Minors are to live like trainees in a dirty dorm and are disadvantaged by a He divides them into two group of six, but due to Minor lacking in numbers, they are given the advantage of choosing someone from the other team to perform with them.

Controversy arose again in the final episode when Momo, a previously eliminated contestant, was brought back to sixreen final line up of Twice.

The Major lineup is asked by Park to dance with him in an upcoming performance. After the final performances, the girls receive praises from Park.

In the end, Momo was eliminated because Park felt that her flaws being able to dance but not sing were more obvious than Jiwon and Chaeyoung’s during the stage. In the previews for the next episode, sixtden is revealed that the next elimination will be based on votes from the contestants themselves. Contestants were revealed to include three Japanese trainees, one Thai trainee, one Korean-Canadian trainee, and one Taiwanese trainee.

Retrieved 26 May episodea Due to their performance in the photoshoot mission, Mina, Tzuyu and Jeongyeon replaced Chaeryeong, Jihyo, and Dahyun in the Major line up, respectively.