I do not know if I should of fasted prior to the blood draw or not I intially checked my hgb and hct weekly to see how my body tolerated the blood draws. Of course, the larger concerns are tissue damage but hair loss since transplant has been of concern for a 21 year old male. I wasnt sure if the blood loss or the iron levels had damaged my Tendons Wed, June 30, 3: It took me six doctors and ten years before anyone found my Hemochromatosis. After the bombing which he masterminded he was arrested in South Africa and this time tried in South Africa. Sat, June 26, 9:

Now I just need infusions to get my levels up. His insurance will only cover so many per year. For me to want one the way I hate them. Reassessment to date ferritin So long as you have no other eligibility issues your blood can be used for transfusion. I have traveled often lately and have never had issues like 88 John at the airport. And they are not gay.

I am glad to be on the road to health even though I wish it had started sooner! Surgery, high liver functions 10 blood panelsand high iron levels 10 blood panels were not enough to make adfola test for HH. Back to my family and friends. Any suggestions on how to guide my MD that this is the best treatment?

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Today I am being prescribed folic acid to help with the absorption. You have to take control and ask your doctor for your blood test resutls at every visit and keep track for yourself so you can educate yourself and understand what is going on in your body.


I even bought my doctor a copy of “The Hidden Dangers of Iron”. But still extremely fatigued and starting to have muscle cramps again. I am so glad I found this blog. My doc, however, added an iron study screening and DNA test to my normal blood tests taken during the physical.

Did you have earlier symptoms?

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Nice because it lets me go twice as long between treatments, bad because I live in a remote area and will have to drive 4 hours to the center. They said steaks are adwola be smaller than the palm of my hand, no alcohol, no tobacco, no raw fish or handling of it and no walking barefoot on sandy beaches due to the bacteria vibrio vulnificus. My liver enzymes were the biggest clue something was wrong with me and it took months for my family iy to find out what was causing it. Thank you for all your information you are providing.

I done 6 blood draws every 2 weeks for a pint. Now it was people of Amansea village that went to river to fetch water. I was diagnosed with HH years ago. Keepinv Wed, September 22, 4: For Susan 33, you really need to take charge of your health care and get you numbers checked.

It took time and lots of pushing but I got all 7 of my siblings to test, 3 of us are being treated right now, a niece just was diagnosed Tuesday. I found it very hard on my stomach and episkde to proferrin. I wonder if I can do something more natural to help this situation in the future. He has not had a phlebotomy for nearly 2 years since his HCT level is not high enough.

I had repeat labs done about 3 weeks ago and my SF was about Is the blood draw too infrequent? The only difference was I had been eating alot of oranges and have heard that Vitamin C enhances the absorbtion of iron soooooo I have stopped eating the oranges and will see at the end of May if my count goes down instead of wwith.


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Sat, July 24, 9: On the return trip 2 weeks later the same witb occurred at the airport. I already had the test. I want my other children and grand children to know.

Also attempting to regulate lithium levels or any other mood stabilizer amid biweekly bloodlettings sounds daunting.

That could also be related to a low testosterone level. I had to have a plate and six screws to to fuse the joints after cutting out as much arthritis as they could.

I under went a Gastic Bipass about 5 years ago. They had to stop treatment in Jan because my white and red cells were bad very low.

Even the World Health Organisation has said that since there has been an increase in the number of babies. Fri, October 22, 4: I guess that you should find out first if you should be eating foods high in iron or low. I can not believe that my Doctor’s did not pick this up years ago, especially with an Serum Iron of Then my brother calls and says “guess what?

But it doesn’t cover the math.