But Kouta really sees Naa-san as a best friend Kirari was so busy with work that she goes in a panic when exams are coming up! Secret Dress and Brother Hiro! Idol Battle Against the Super Fubuki!! Kirari and Hikaru star as superheroes in a new horror movie. With Akane withdrawing from the idol queen, Aoi and Kirari are working to win that title through concerts. Arashi tries to challenge him with his fairytale performance of love. Related Questions Where can i read naruto manga chapter in translated english online.?

But she’s followed by two tabloid reporters and both of her dates are featured in a magazine. Arashi tries to challenge him with his fairytale performance of love. She declares on live television that she will become an idol. However, they can’t seem to come up with any good fashion ideas. I think this has all of it Where can I read Kirarin Revolution the manga online?

Papa is Against It!? Luna spends the day with Kirari and her manager then later goes out with Kirari to an amusement park. At the celebration, Fubuki soon recalls how Kirari had technically given her Mya-san.

The second challenge is to create a dress epiosde show to the fans. Kirari’s rankings are still far behind from Aoi, her idol queen opponent.

Like previous rivals, Izumi finds every method to cheat by intentionally hurting Kirari. Kirari’s insecurity about the kiss in the drama interferes with her other idol activities, but with Seiji’s help, she finally gains determination to go through with the climatic scene. Of course, Erina secretly tries to make Kirari lose.


Can you episoee help!! Erina, trying to take place of Kirari, kidnaps Na-san with taiyaki as a bait and ships Na-san into a zoo far away. Naomi to Sakurako Kiseki no Deai ” Japanese: But they can’t go alonebecause rumors can start Erina Falls in Love! Hiroto sees this as the perfect time for Kirari to confess to him! Muranishi assigns Kirari a manager: Where can i read Kirarin Revolution manga kirarln, all chapters? Uta e no chousen!! There is only Chinese in sub.

Kirari, Akane, and Aoi were chosen as candidates for the idol queen. Seiji accidentally pulls down Hiroto’s shorts and Hiroto accidentally spills soda over Seiji’s pet Kame-san. Kirari thinks of a great idea, a relay course between Myu-san revolutoon Kirari. But what will happen when a glitch in the robots takes control of the situation?

Kirari’s dad opens up a new cafe using Kirari’s name. Specter-Buster is at Work! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Hiroto is in New York while Seiji remains in Japan. Na-san was invited as a guest for a epixode circus.

Finally, Kirari’s lyrics become oonline feelings for Hiroto. Sayaka and Miku start to think that Kirari cares for the fans more instead of her friends. When the day really comes, however, will she truly really give up her first kiss to Hiroto? Because no one has ever seen Kirari’s food obsession, she is forbidden to eat lots of food for it can ruin her image.

Where can i read Kirarin Revolution manga online, all chapters ? (translated to English)?

However, they can’t seem to come up with any good fashion ideas. With such little experience, she accidentally ruins the show. First you need to download shareaza thats a downloading program and than go to http: Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Love Song Echoing By the Sea But, Arashi plans to take Kirari’s first kiss and to change the drama. Muranishi’s director asks Seiji if he would like pursue a solo career, but Seiji doesn’t want to sing without Hiroto.


While Kirari discusses a new drama she has been cast in with her family, a boy comes into Kirarin Cafe and passes out.

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Secret Dress and Brother Hiro! I think this has all of it Seiji’s parents originally kiraron wanted Seiji to be an idol. Kiari realised that Luna-chan is her mom? Having admitted loss, Fubuki remains on good terms with Kirari Kirari and Hikaru’s First Performance!! Na-san saves Myu-san from a group of bullies. If you watch 72 min.

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When she arranges Na-san like a moikanKirari decides to challenge the hairdresser. A series reflection takes place. She needs every help she can to bring her next manga to completion.