As a result of the beating, he remains in the hospital for a week and loses his job. Hecha con Leishmania sp. Climate-based descriptive models of dengue fever: The film chronicles long days of arduous work, risk taking, joking, swearing, and philosophizing. Neither the poet nor the filmmaker actually existed — they are both fictional characters. El insecticida es asperjado por RT o RR, sobre las superficies interiores, pared y techo, dentro de las viviendas y en el peridomicilio. Gustavo, an idealistic young Communist with a glorified vision of the Castro regime, falls in love with Yolanda, a disenchanted dancer who longs to escape to Miami. Reduviidae in the state of Queretaro, Mexico.

This episode documents the presence of indigenous youth in university life. Transfusion-associated Chagas disease American trypanosomiasis in Mexico: Six short documentaries about the protests and populist movement taking place in Oaxaca. Ending the AIDS epidemic by ? This documentary features interviews with indigenous activists from North, South, and Central America who gathered at the First Contintental Conference of Indigenous Peoples in July of This exceptional community is descended from escaped slaves who made common cause with the Seminole Indians of Florida.

This documentary traces the history and presence of ki Jewish community in Cuba. Seroepidemiological sutides of cutaneous leishmaniosis in the Campeche state of Mexico. His family has also changed, and he is no longer 20 years old. Beatriz, his only visitor, sees him as an intimate and knowing companion. It is passionate, pulsating and beautifully danced: Tratamiento de cura radical.

As a result, the border has become a mile-long open sewer, a vast toxic waste dump. When the news of the massacre came out, the army blamed Shining Path for the atrocities, but one eyewitness testified to the contrary.

This documentary combines social commentary with surrealism to explore the Cuban soul. Post new comment Login or Register to post comments. She invites the Beatas holy women on a mission of prayer for which they journey through the countryside, witnessing social unrest among the population. Cambridge University Press, Produced by Archeo Productions. Los temas abarcados son: This original series showcases 51 short films by up and coming Mexican directors, cinematographers and actors.


The story takes a new twist when a group of young actors join the group, unleashing a chain of unexpected events. The project was never finished. Para etapa de adulto imagos. This UNIFEM-produced documentary features interviews with experts and activists from Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia, all of whom highlight discrimination against women of color throughout the region.

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Shot in Cuba and the US over a period of three years, this film features remarkable cinematography by first time director Carlos Marcovich. Official Selection Sundance Film Festival.

A young ambitious man begins climbing the social and political ladder in Cuba in the s. A whole world of conflicts, deceits and comical situations face them, soon realizing that Madrid is not the paradise they intended to find.

These men are given temporary visas to come to the United States for several months a year and provide labor in sectors such as agriculture in which American citizens are increasingly unwilling to work.

Community-based integrated control of Aedes aegypti: A ji documentary about choro, the first genuinely urban Brazilian music, which blended European, Afro-Brazilian and indigenous elements and formed the basis for popular comynidad styles such as Samba and Bossa Nova.

This film portrays the true story of Yessica and Miriam, two teens from Mexico city that start a profound friendship in middle school. This blockbuster Brazilian feature uses soap-opera melodrama to tell the story of a coomunidad romance between a reporter and a mining company executive.

Se teme que eventualmente llegue al continente americano, especialmente debido a que los mosquitos transmisores de xe virus son los mismos que los que transmiten dengue, Ae.

Pub Cient comujidad, Without an individual voice the people of Mexico came together and had strikes against the golf company, the metal company dumping materials, in order to move toward a more democratic country. What remains to be done with regard to diagnosis and follow up studies?

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Time-specific ecological niche modeling predicts spatial dynamics of vector insects and human dengue cases. This is a documentary by the Educational Video Network about ancient Maya society. When Maria returns to prepare the house for sale, she is struck by various memories of her time there as a child, memories that gradually lead her to discover a secret that had been kept for decades.


Individual risk factors for Plasmodium vivax infection in the residual malaria transmission focus of Oaxaca, Mexico. The character of the general is clearly modeled on Zapata himself.

What begins as a simple taped message to an expatriate son unveils the complexity and often humorous travails of a contemporary Cuban family. Through direct personal access to Morales, the filmmakers document his interactions with the union of Coca growers who formed his initial political base, the day-to-day management of the campaign, and attempts to vnetana voters about the electoral process.

Control integral de la Oncocercosis.

The second section talks about the history of Cinco de Mayo. Reduviidae in risk of transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in western Mexico. They are produced by and for the people of these communities and spoken in the languages of the region.

Based on an incident in Cuban colonial history, this masterful film tells the story of a pious 18th century slave owner who reenacts the last supper, portraying himself as Christ, and with twelve slaves selected to play the disciples.

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Ann N Y Acad Sci ; A commentary of the generation gap and machismo. From a veentana of violence, fear, aimlessness, drugs, and jail, rock and roll emerges as salvation, escape, hope —and agony.

Glum, middle-aged bachelor Don Andres hires Estela, a year old country girl, to care for his wealthy and abusive grandmother.