Gloria and her sister Luvie? She looked older than 32 when I was in high school! I’ll just bass my voice and scare the shyt outta them.. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Like Evelyn and Dray. Give me a minute I need to scroll through these pictures first. I can’t even jump in ya’ll going so hard. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

They have stores tho. VDOT That nose big! Post was not sent – check your email addresses! WATCH the full episode of episode 1 below. I like the fake gay chicks nude pumps. Why so people get the weave past their azz Wanna scratch they azz without using they hands.

The competition will be pemiere fierce as the runway, as judges Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley return to the Emmy Award-winning franchise. Sche is juth happy to be involved and exthepted.

Yandy I had just complimented you and now you wanna come out here in a lace swason Erica looks like a broke down Keshia Cole Them new titties she bought are too heavy for her small body. Erica is about to be the break out star I know one thing OTB I have never touched a child,not even my little brother.

Tara is a cutie. K tweeted she won’t be on the show much, she doing a lot of shows. It take a village. I just seen the trailer and I can not wait Libra. VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.


Love & Hip Hop NY Premiere Party

He is high yella and partyy only black kid in the class, so maybe she thought she’d let them know he wasnt yt. Michelle must be phuckin Mona Scott cause why they even try to keep her non-acting azz on either of the shows? But she must first go poop to get rid of that bloat or see a personal trainer. Erica Mena needs to just gtfoh, nobodies checking for her on this show. This is definitely the season to watch!

She was out when I was in high school. Well my old hair stylist back in Atl like I be getting my hair done. Man, ima watch this chit just to see Erica do some dyking!

VDOT Then tiddies is lookin soft and supple! Yandy look a muthafukking fewl.

Ended Olivia’s little jump start to parfy carurh. Im sure he gettin paid a lot for his modeling work for Diddy. But if I do Buttshake Nah, bout to watch it now. It was so sad to see that woman crying like a 9 yr old girl.

I’d personally each and every one of those kids like they were adults, then I’d fugg their parents up to for raising bastids for children!!

Remember those red carpet looks at the CrazySexyCool premiere? RuPaul’s Drag Patry and Untucked return with more sickening styles, fierce challenges and backstage drama. They have a toilette and the dew. Which translates to “These bishes don’t play.


She looked older than 32 when I was in high school!

Love & Hip Hop Celebrates Season 4 Premiere With NYC Party (PHOTOS)

She should be callin Everest about now cause that’s a wrap on her “career. I thought you was an equal oppty lesbun: You call that a spanking?

Ima comic book nerd! Too much again, I had to put my head down. I lghny boyz so this is all new to me. Ariane’s lover is well aware of socialite Tae Khhny flip flop transformation from hard core lipstick lesbian to Nelly’s kept girlfriend. That nose aint big! I might like the lighter more summery one better. Bullies are who they areā€¦. Tara and Amina had a few choice words for each other.

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This fool said Everest. As far as the bully situation Not a northern woman, and definitely not a New Yorker. They have stores tho. I feel kinda bad talking smack with my son watching me in this gravie