Ki Joon is waiting for her at the cherry blossom lane, asking why it took her so long to get back. I want him to appear somemore but guess he has no chance at all. Serpent woman, need to get thrown in a pit full of snakes!!! Ki Joon is a total bear at work, yelling at his subordinates and even other hotel directors. The price of LTM addiction. Miente Ki Joon sings: She tells him to go apologize to Ah Jung, and not let his personal feelings interfere with his work. But it got better in

Are you talking to me? You keep us on our toes with all the nonsensical, hahaha. LTM ep 10 recap: So be happy, because, I will be too!! This is simply too deep to be considered a comedy. Ah Jung walks back to work but ends up calling Ki Joon.

I confess I am dramacray as shallow. KJ, thank you, thank you for not being a total ass! She acts all aegyo cutesy and begs Ki Joon to feed her lunch.

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

She thinks Ki Joon is so strange to her. She watches his sleep and smiles. I just had to look episdoe. Kang Rae Yun Supporting Cast.


AJ and SR needs to work on their issues it would be a shame to let go at this point. Without lies, or younger brother stealing the chick, or the League of the Evil Exes, hunting them down!

Ree June 6, at 8: On the other hand, I feel like Sang Hee is about to dramacray hurt. Omo, we even had an army marching song!!! Ah Jung gets frustrated at work and her two co-workers suggest eating out tonight. Or would she like that with a slap? Perceptive daddy wonders if something happened with his Ah Jung? Koala again, for drsmacrazy spoiling us,… love, love,love your playground…. Gilberto Santa Rosa Song: So far, Yoon Joo has been a character from outside.

I just have a dramxcrazy to anyone who can answer?? I would do it!! If I say Yoon Joo, the first thing that comes to you mind is? Luke, is a prominent warrior in the epics battle in the galaxy, with a lot of power, that is called The Force, he is a savior, of the whole Star Wars World.


It makes my heart patter and made me feel vibrant again. Seriously, she is annoying!!

I legit cheered out loud when he said Ah Jung-ah! This is awesome episode!!!

Lie to Me Episode 10 Recap

Should he be in another show? She just needs to get it. Miente Ki Joon sings: Three years should have been enough. The hotel has many facilities that are great for using as a stage. Be happy YEH and strong.

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That is in some way fine, but you have to be careful, some times, that can led you in a path of destruction! Ki Joon is bubblicious!!

Its really unlike yesterdays ep, which I think was the foundation. Like she might go defensive in that area already.