Janta TV news channel covers the latest news in politics, entertainment, Bollywood, business and sports. By Bollywood Spy views. Supercops visit the place where the monster is spotted. Watch The Shapath supercops is stuck between life and death trying to save people who are vanishing from the Jungle! By Kalash Music views. In episode 69 of Supercops vs Supervillians, aired on 15th February , A monster stirs the peace.

Yes, Men can do this workout at home as well. List of programs broadcast by Life OK. The show is the story of cops – ACP Diler, Inspector Ranveer, Inspector Kavi and Inspector Abha – a brave new generation that has resolved to deliver their oath of safety and peace for its citizens even in the most difficult and risky situations. Queen Amara captures Ranveer and his friends. The world is complex, exciting, layered, evolving, always interesting. Lara recalls that Abha is there for hiking.

The ammunition make the monster grow twice it’s size.

Before the series was revamped on 24 Decemberit was originally a detective anthology series about a group of police officers called SuperCops who were engaged in saving their city and its citizens from dangerous villains and fictitious creatures.

Watch The murders in the Chandanwadi jungles compel the Supercops to visit it. You can not play video if your browser is not HTML5 browser. We cover upper body and some thigh workouts for fast fat loss. Abha sees the video footage of her lookalike injuring Lara and manages to escape from her team.


Tashia kills Surajbhan’s brother, Adhiraj.

Follow the Indian National Congress supsrvillains Facebook: It aims to filter and provide news-on-the-run for an impatient new generation. Subscribe To Our Channel: Vishal tries to attack Kavi.

Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath 25 February Episode – video dailymotion

Dear Subscriber if u like my video please press Subscribe button and subscribe me …. The world is complex, exciting, layered, evolving, always interesting.

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We hope to be the same. Keep watching Supercops vs Supervillians, Shapath By Harry views. Ranveer, Aditya, Mayank and Lara decide to search for them. Watch the video to get best tull loss tips.

To know more, keep watching Supercops vs Supervillians, Shapath By Janta TV views. Women Fat Loss Workout! Queen Amara decides to have a gladiatorial show with Mayank.


SuperCops vs Supervillains – Time Machine Special – 17th January 2015 : Ep 61

Please seek prior permission before using any part of this video in any form. Views Read Edit Supercopd history. In episode 56 of Supercops vs Supervillians, Shapath, aired on 18th JanuaryKavi stops Vishal from infecting people with chlorine ACP Diler and his team learn about a death due to chlorine infection.

By Bollywood Crazies views. A day of the Indian youth Exchange delegation to Maldives in April Will Mayank succeed in defeating Chotu?

This is a very solid fat loss workout that you can do at home. Television serial producer, Shaila’s crew lose their lives upon releasing a ghost, Tashia, in Raja Surajbhan’s mansion.

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