On cultural production and emancipa- tory politics, exhibition view. Instead, the political crept into my life, not exploding with the breakout of war, but developing in the years of its duration and the breakdown of everything that had seemed solid — law, language, nationality, territory, roads, homes. However, he found his place in art history. Andy Mousley, Palgrave Macmillan , pp. What is the point? Put the Yarmulke on your head and speak after me. The number of women doubles so they do not all fit on the photo. At the request to articulate the horror that surrounded them at that time, the poet replied — Yes, I can.

After the two hours, the multinational company Arcelor Mittal carries on with their work as if nothing happened. On cultural production and emancipa- tory politics, exhibition view. They torture him there and he is facing the threat of liquidation George kills the Dragon], Pavle Levi makes a political decision expressed in an axiomatic statement: She raises the question of the direction from which one should act. The number of women doubles so they do not all fit on the photo.

The women raped in the war in Bosnia and Herzegov- ina are then additionally victimised through legal and institutional violence: To Belgrade and then further along, by bus. In other words, the speakers in both poems do not accept the view that suffering is a private event. It takes the form of an admin- istrative machinery that dehumanize them: Crni is a synonym for liberty. Ali to retko kome uspeva: The dynamics and structure of the Working Group are defined by its shifting focus and agenda, so that in different phases other participants join the group: Harvard University Press,p.

Iako je bilo suptilno i ljubazno upakirano: What is first of all done in this kind of spectacularisation is the fe- tishisation fulm art that far exceeds what was, in com- parison, an extremely ascetic format — the fetish- ism of the object in the modernist white oopovi.

Zoran Filipović: Pele je plakao sa mnom pred ljudi na Marakani

They sent men from Banja Luka to arrest him and everybody who supported him. Ko ste vi da hapsite moje ljude! When is it an ethical imperative not to lopivi Is it at all possible to think a new collectivity — at the place where genocide was committed against the previous Yugoslav community — through a politics of equality and solidarity?


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On ga je postavio na to mesto. At the place of representation, WGFFO introduces an event that leaves room for uncer- tainty of the outcome, and chance.

Lidia Tamplenizza asistent izvedbe: He lived there under an assumed alias untilwhen he was abducted by Israeli Mossad operatives, transported to Jerusalem and tried under the Nazi and Nazi Collaborators Punishment Law. In a narrower sense we are talking about a location with an inherited concept of art loppovi in the most progressive case represents the last stronghold of undeveloped and incomplete modernism.

Learning these by rote, reciting them on demand, dokumentqrni pointless this exercise was. It is about those who inhabit the fracture people-People, about col- lectivities as biopolitical self-organisations that aim to redistribute capital, rais- ing the issue of property and public good, constructing new values through the cooperation of subjects in the general intellect, in public intellectual life?

The politics that led to the formation of the camp are still present, not only here, but all over Europe as well. Revenge can not be implemented here. I only realized that I was witnessing a crime. It did not understand that the persecution of these victims was only the beginning of an onslaught on the entire world. Soon after came the war. I said I would tell dokumehtarni truth, nothing but the truth and the whole truth. Osnovna teza Javnog understanding of the time we live in.

The class will have the following form — after my introduction into the broader theoretical and practical conceptual field a diagnosis of the state of af- fairs, key ideas and promising practicesduring which you can intervene at any moment follow-ups, associations, clarifications and so onwe shall open up a space for comments from all those present, but first of all from those who have prepared and announced their own reflections on the issue raised in the public invitation to this workshop: When we claim this, we refer, above all, to the wasteland being cre- ated by the politics of reconciliation.

It was not in the most characteristic fea- tures of the painting that the painter would be revealed, but in the rendering of trivial detail — in the earlobe, the fingernail or the shape of the toe, the elements of the painting where the painter falls dokumrntarni carelessness, where his concentra- tion wonders, where his conscious effort is suspended, were the conventions are relaxed, here the artist or his forger will give himself away.


One of them had covered herself with two scarves; the second scarf lying over her shoulders. Later the Krajina men came and arrested all of the authorities and Crni closed the corridor, took his men and equipment out there and threatened: By midthe manufacturing continues.

This, admittedly, was hard to take. Post-communist and post-war societies like those in which we live in the former Yugosla- via are perfect nurseries for the corruption and clientelism in which wartime profiteering in its broadest possible sense is legitimised in the processes of uncontrolled and grotesque neo- liberalism.

But the discourse that the actor speaks is real, in that our reality as legal subjects is shaped by such discourse every day. You should work faster.

Acting in the local but as it actually is — both as here and now and as contingency can only articulate the links and fissures between the sensory and the in- tellectual, between the aesthetic and the political, but not through the creation of public aesthetic ob- jects or the statement of local political views.

We already have the cooperatives and all we need to do is organize and network everything smartly for the success to be Telegram, april However, the strength of this poetry lies not only in its capacity to disturb and provoke, but also in its openness about the type of universal normativ- ity it claims and on behalf of which it speaks.

The supervisor Mujo is the oldest worker in the factory and the first member of the collective. In addition to the ideology of reconciliation, who or what else, main- tains this world as it is?