As a bonus this project is not dependent upon government funding to succeed. I ask Kokal and Wayman how it feels to be home. I have eaten escargot. Peace, Love, Rock ‘n Roll! Eugene schools cannot further increase property taxes, except for building repair and construction. She met Stan Hayworth in , raised a family and had a long career as a jewelry buyer for local stores.

Every day, Americans are benefiting from the hard work that these immigrant women are doing but don’t give much thought to what is happening to them in those workplaces and what kind of conditions many of them are still working in. The school districts will still have to make substantial cuts. The Vicki Stevens Band will open the event with their lively signature style sparked by the blazing stage presence and belting voice of award-winning eponymous female vocalist Vicki Stevens. It’s not that they aren’t happy with The Fool. I mean, really, where else are you going to see the Brangelia and Satan on stage in the same evening? How fucking cool is that?

We can do better, Eugene: I like to do random things, and find adventures. Or skinny-dipping in wetlands and doing skyclad seduction dances for the clouds? The astrological omens are practically screaming for you to go out and buy a luxurious new home in your ideal neighborhood. Find the Savage Lovecast my weekly podcast every Tuesday at thestranger.

Disc Three DVD features music vidoos and more. He gets his ass into therapy and gets a grip on his anger issues, or the wedding is off. A soldier wakes up in the body of a commuter who witnessed a train explosion.

Almost no research has been conducted on the impact of the huge class sizes of 35, 40, and more that we are facing today.


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Li31 1 While supplies last. No one in a kink scene expects that all kinks – and group play is a kink – appeal to all kinksters equally. The soul flies in dreams. A mullet and plywood so as not to damage the floor, things motorsports no more turn a person dumb moved at a pretty good clip.

Deadwood Revival, folk, rock, 9pm, Sam Bond’s.

And for the past two years, Eugene teachers have not been paid their contracted rates or benefits. Sometimes at the end of the night the chefs would put out a plate of leftover pheasant legs or a piece of trout that had too many bones to serve the diners.

Permaculture Television, 7pm, cable channel However, for those who wish to be part of the solution, I encourage showtims to check out www. Fibromyalgia Care Center of Oregon, located in Eugene.

Will the state reduce our school funding if this tax passes? Stae Hall, 1st Ave. Between now and April 16, you really should try to party every night.

Fortunately, it is a small fraction of the overall taxable income – only about 6 percent of the total. Midwifery Today Conference continues. What big, swollen, pouty lips you have! I’m shkwtime of attachments and would like a friend of the same mindset. But I see it as a small price to pay to ensure a more positive outcome for every elementary, middle and secondary school student in our community.

I beg you to embrace it. And not just the kind of moisture that wells up showtimw of sadness, either. You folks are part of the problem. Sex positive, no shame.

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Use their motivational energy wisely and gratefully. It’s not that they aren’t happy with The Fool. Everything I just said was a lie. The last students to arrive must sit on the table in the back of the room. Anyhow, it’s up to the dude wo ran over E.


In his latest book, Whole Earth Discipline: We are shining lights in physical shells, all worthy of love. A citizens’ review committee will make sure schools use these funds well. You might call it a kind of cooperative scavenging.

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Enso String Quartet, 7: Thanks for all you do. Questions about radiation levels in Japan run the gamut, and responses vary from residents in Japan opting to stay near the leaking plants to freaked out Americans buying potassium iodide because of trace amounts of radiation detected in Oregon precipitation.

Must be 18 or older. UO horn prof Lydia Van Dreel will join them to premiere her new piece. We are the local branch of an international political movement, which, in fact, was founded on its opposition to war and nuclear energy. A cathartic discharge of 1 was born and bred to rip and shred’ Rod Schmidt, driver of the legendary Grave Digger In the final race, the Oregon-based El surplus sexual energy?

Playing the bottleneck slot will be The Broh Taylor Band, an acclaimed conglomeration of Texas and Chicago-style blues and funk.

To learn more about the project, visit the West Eugene EmX website at weemx.