I’d be interested to hear thoughts regarding my post above from somebody who worked for Luminox as to why customer experience varies so greatly. Did not send me my watch, cancelled my order. Clive Cussler’s character Dirk Pitt has worn and orange faced Doxa dive watch for years. I am the author of review and would like to remove it. After only a few weeks it stopped keeping the correct time. This one keeps great time however the big draw on these, the big draw on these for me the visability in low or no light has failed totally. It includes private information.

Paid for it received order confirmation. Looks great after that. Ask question Ask a Question About Luminox. Guess the poor quality finishing is not considered a manufactures defect. It contains commercial or promotional content. The is a stainless case and has more thickness there for more weight and seemingly more depth to the face.

Then in something fortuitous happened.

Thanks for a good post. The nightview or low light conditions are no problem, this thing is bright! Fly Weight A few years back I decided to scale back my armament when I traveled by Air on “low risk” jobs by leaving my at home and, p Requesting opinions on both please. Sent for servicing to the USA and got it back within a month no charge. Can’t prove it by me.


I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Please visit following page for more information Dismiss Notice Luminox and Black Ops series Discussion in ‘ Watches ‘ started by lonewolfrangerDec 18, You would’ve been much better off with a submariner Rolex, you can swim with them up to a certain depth.

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I sent the watch back to Saltzman repair service under Serkes directions The relatively obscure Swiss company had created a then unknown and unique illumination technology for watches that relied on micro gas lighting as opposed to heat or battery power to illuminate watch hands.

You can view followed brands in your profile. Your name or email address: Oct 28, Messages: I just got the watch back yesterday.

True serues a person not able to have high magnetic fields in his body. After only a few weeks it stopped keeping the correct time. I bought a about a year and a half ago.

Luminox Reviews and Complaints

Sexual exploitation of children. The search for a new mission ready watch was on. Shake revieq and it starts running. Matt, how does it deal with magnetic fields? I bought an ANU series about 6 months ago. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy.

This stuff is down t earth, hats off buds out there. Now how many people still have the warranty card rview receipt six years later?


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Its the light that teview regular watches with Lumunova not heat though, if u place a watch in the sun face down so no light gets to the face but it gets hot the hands and numbers dont glow, but as soonas u let the sunlight hit it they glow lime crazy proving its the light.

Paid for it received order confirmation. Understandably, for guys like me, their great, and for other guys who’ve had trouble with them, they suck. When I was in the Army, I did buy a Timex. Product Luminox Watch. And very one you talk to at Saltzman is NASTY and talks down to you and they have the monopoly on repairing these things. And like dedicated hunters they found their prize treasure on a trip to Switzerland in the form of a small Swiss watch firm.