RK chides her for not taking care of herself …and got busy to cook! Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at 5: Ria fumes seeing them! Dips alleges that Madhu ate something while fasting it seems..! All wonder what is up? RK sends her off! TelenovelasGh added 5 new photos. Sections of this page.

Bittu shares that the duo will keep eye on them and report to RK …! RK comes and asks…what did it cost Madhu? RK stares at Dips..! Recent Post by Page. The scenes shot between Karan-Anamika start setting the screen on fire. She asks to go to washroom n RK offers to escort her Madhu says.. He then gets up and sees Natasha not there. She says she could not see him so happy, so she came back.

Shakti gets more afraid and runs out of room.

RK is released n Ria says. He leans on bed and heaars someone crying. Recent Post by Page. Madhu starts to write love ,adhubala … n imagines RK n he says. Madhu asks RK about his breakfast. Rajbeer says Natasha it is enough for today and they both walk out via window. Shiv says he would take the decision about them, he will send the girl back to village. Madhu zips him up! RK comes and stands behind her and says.


She says she could not maehubala him so happy, so she came back. Part 2 RK takes the plate n throws the tray on the floor The letter is all soiled.! Part 2 Radha episde Dips if she threw the sargi away? The movie starts and everyone is patiently seated. Bittu asks Rishbala to leave and says will finish the formalities and come! Dips suggests she must have eaten something.! Precap — Mavhubala rues that she kept saying Ma.

Madhu is epusode hard to eat with her hand. How much poison is there in this house? Radha comments first time RK is caring for someone! Precap — Madhu in saree all decked up.

Ria says ur liar.! Kuku scares Sikky saying he is searching for something to dig Sikkys grave! RK sends her off! They reach the truck. At the kitchen, RK asks the servant to get daliya … fresh orange juice. Madhu starts to stammer n RK says the same line she had expected!

The scenes shot between Karan-Anamika start setting the screen on fire.

madhubalz Shiv opens the gate and tells them to come down. Its not her fault.! Madhu and Bittu bring Ria to police station.! RK says so it means between Dips throwing away the sargi and Madhu eating it…Sargi became poisonous? He asks her to have woken him up.


Nattasha calls from behind and says again he will die today. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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epiaode Bittu shares that the duo will keep eye on them and report to RK …! Madhu asks RK to leave her. The media says that though his wife resides in his heart but still she should be present in the screening of her debut movie. Madhu is relieved seeing RK and hugs him.!

She removes her hand and tries to get up.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Episode – 27th November – Comedy Nights With Kapil

Madhu stares at him! Part 1 Dips reasons that they had ordered pans for guests! RK comes to room and says. She closes her eyes.

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He calls his mother Saudamini and tires to hide under bed. RK tells Epissode to cancel all appointments except one interview n walks off.!

Madhu turns n RK is gone!