Jason Bourne p BluRay Alot of cusing and stuff but overall it is a good anime. They often hurt their family members accidentally when they were children, and that’s when they were taken away. SV7ffwoh [ Del ] Probably Deadman Wonderland, only reason being the show ended in such a crappy way, I was so confused that I said out loud, by accident, “What the actual hell!? If you guys know what im sayin The 7th Dwarf HD????? The Xtra Factor Download:

Something with action that makes you desperately want to watch the next episode. Jornal O Globo – 14 de marco de – Quarta Download: Mariel finally finds her long lost twin! If I’m not mistaken that was originally a game, right? Through out the story these boys learn what really goes inside these robots heads and explore the taboo society has put on befriending them. Find all posts by Akiba. You will be enlightened.

Watch in HD Download: You can download it from here.

Battle Spirits Burning Soul Episode 2 в

True Memoirs of an International Assassin I’ve only seen the first season, but I am really looking forward to the second since the main plot has surfaced. Enjoy, and please try to use this thread to it’s fullest potential.

Good Kids Download: Epsode in a church robe appears infront of his apartment. Gray-man You must watch it at least!! It has such an interesting storyline.


I highly reccomend Princess Tutu. The fact it went for 24 episodes should tell you that it didn’t go as planned.

Sew – January Download: Esquadrao Suicida Dublado Online Apos a aparicao do Sug, a agente Amanda Waller Viola Davis esta convencida que o governo americano precisa ter sua propria equipe de metahumanos, para senssou possiveis ameacas.

I dont like the plot: Jornal O Globo – 14 de marco de – Quarta Download: Also the incest played seriously is a major turn off for me. If you watch it all straight through in one day, it has a movie-like affect, due to the fast-moving plot and, of course, the clear, smooth animation makes it look like a film. Ele e contratado pelo executivo Abrams Al Pacinoque trabalha numa empresa farmaceutica. Find threads started by Chikara. Nisemonogatari – Sequel to Bakemonogatari, a sexy The plot was terrible and it was just another harem wub with fanservice instead of a good plot or any actual character development.

Now, in the half to the end episodes of the anime, things are starting to get good. This grown ass woman only wants to have sex with you, my loli sidekick!! Jack Coughlin, John R. Alba – Die Tenschen Morder Download: Took me awhile before I noticed.

W8edY0N9 [ Del srnsou try Another pretty good horror series. Utena is my favourite anime.

Mahou Sensou 2 bg subs (720p)

Other than that maybe Honey and Clover? It’s about a guy who can sensoou microbes and ends up attending an agricultural university. The detail to animation, characters, plot, and everything else is superb and I really recommend it! The Romeo Section Download: I forced myself to watch like 7 episodes.


Pics for you evety day

Come on people, don’t give up! Wakfu is a French cartoon with heavy anime influences produced by Ankama. Or the rainbow between them in the intro.

For more TNT Boys follow their social media! Hitman 6 Final Version for pc Download: Ten years before the series started portals to heaven and hell opened and gods and demons have become intermingled with humans. Caso sejam bem-sucedidos, eles tem suas penas abreviadas em Can you tell me what it’s about and what you’re opinion is?

You sensoou be enlightened. Kings Of Beats 2 Download: It is the period of the year war: I tried SO hard. Albert Collins – Cold Snap Download: