It took time, I signed at the beginning of July, and it was impossible to change something, I decided to go and to watch the summer league. Besides that, in preparation period it goes well. You have to have that in your head when you play. They make what is the most important to present it to me. But, the material is not luck. I make bets with singers:

He stagnated there, he did not play anything. I attended seminars, I was on a training when he came to work with us. They didn’t allow themselves to enter the story “Bogdan player – Zeljko trainer” and what was going on. It turned out that Kalinic was twice as cheaper from some player we wanted. Things became more serious when we asked him if that means that Jokic not answering is not a problem. I have no problem, just speak. So he walked to his training in Borac. Go in the moment when Juventud asked for Serbian coach at the end of a long season.

Everything was clear, that they will attack him, that he will be a problem in defense and the attack. He, as a coach, must have patience.

When you should defend. I have no problem, just speak. It took time, I signed at the beginning of July, and it was impossible to change something, I decided to go and to watch the summer league. I will have the biggest problem because I have 10 national players. But you can’t get away from the tavern.

When I go to the training or when I have to go to the other side, to the European part, you always write something down or you talk to some friend. He missed one sure hit, a quick shot. I had a clear picture why I was brought here. I see that obradovicc try to find an excuse for Jokic and him not coming, and what bothers me the most is the story that he should be working individually on himself. Let’s help Omer, to help him in defense, ,an double play, and you can decisioon a bit freely in the attack”.


You can always bring a foreigner. It is true that Iflm said you have a wife, child All it takes is one look at each other. There is no much to think about, they just have to turn to work and to be patient. So he walked to his training in Borac. There is Petar Skansi, but I can’t remember tall players who were successful coaches. He explains in an interesting way how he helps Serbian basketball through his clubs because he paid 3 million euros for Serbian players Bogdanovic, Kalinic, Guduric.

You are always starting from individual quality. Besides that, in preparation period it goes well. The price of our players here when they play fillm Red Star of Partizan is what it is, but when some other clubs are interested in them, the price is higher five or six times. There, that is approximately one day.

Duda and Zoc’s documentaries

But, when it all ended I said to my people, we have to see what was during the season. That is a question for someone to look into more seriously laughter. I talked to Covic 10 days ago.

He has the wish and he thinks he can make it. But Zeljko doesn’t understand the next message the story carries about young basketball player Omer Yurtseven, who refused the historical contract in Turkish basketball, with just 17 years old. Obradovvic give them 50 euros for the song, if he doesn’t know it, he has to return He never financially punished his players with whom he likes to go out for dinner, in 25 years, and if that happens he has a ready solution.

We are working with video, three men are in charge of video. We reacted before this season regarding the problems, creating the jan new team, considering that two extremely important players obtadovic the team, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Ekpe Judo, but we managed to get some new players.


Zoc revealed that he has been to six weddings and four birthdays this summer.

Panathinaikos Basketball Athens: ZELJKO MAN OF DECISION

We are still friends today. You can’t be indifferent, you have to fight Muta knows that and he knows it’s hard.

Fenerbahce coach is aware that comparison between Bogdan Bogdanovic and Marko Guguric is inevitable, who is coming instead of Bogdan to the Turkish Champion. Those are really important things. I am a bit further and for the first time, I have a driver. My attitude is zeljkp the player should always play but in the summer period. It’s up to him.

I put him in, and the score went to When we won all three titles, some money came in and I said to give it first to the players, assistant coaches and all the people from the office in Partizan I made career what I never imagined that can happen. Dozvoljavam da mi Telegraf. He talked with everybody. I make bets with singers: I never get home before h and I never get to bed before in the morning. We had basketball question even the magician like Obradovic didn’t think about: Three is enough for out”.

Albanian stabbed a Serb with a knife in the chest because of three Serb girls, and then escaped to Kosovo?! There were screens everywhere.

The question repeats itself if someone will forbid the players to play. How come that most point guards are the top coaches in basketball. You take the CV and you see the zeojko. It is a great help.