If you look at the ratings, most were 10’s. Its a bad movie. Firmly tongue-in-cheek, this movie offers no apologies and takes no prisoners! Its supposed to have a bad ending. Matthew Kennedy plays the title character, a former soldier who fought in the war against the minions of Hell. To say more would ruin the fun.

Manborg is a cheap, silly, ridiculous little film, and it knows it. A collection of movies we deemed acceptable to be on this list. I could see and understand where the film makers wanted to go with this, but to me, it just looked like they forgot to put the paintbrush down and continued touching things up more and more, until they had actually covered up the picture they had really wanted to show. Well, that is how my viewing of this film started out. It is suppose to be cheezy! Watch now Add to favorite. This is either “hate it” or “love it” territory As an indie film director, and huge fan of grindhouse madness, I was so excited to get watching this.

Did they even watch the same film I did? Although it’s not meant to datch taken seriously, one has to admire some of the actors for playing it straight, which is the right way to play this sort of material in the first place. I can not honestly think of anything that I disliked about this movie. Most of the characters here sound like they came from a Mortal Kombat video game, thanks to the overdubbed dialogue.

The story is slightly less “all over the place” as the case in “Father’s Day”, but still very incoherent and chaotic.

One of the baddies is a goon named The Baron Jeremy Gillespiewho pines after the adorably cute Mina. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. Right from the beginning it had waatch in hysterics and continued to keep me in a state of laughter for the full hour run time. The maanborg are awesome, the green screen ,anborg be awful, the gore splashes all over and there are so many inspired moments to find that they could invent a “Name that bad 80’s Post-Apocalyptic Movie” drinking game, but damn it sure was a fun ride.


The story for this is not an inherently manobrg idea: Story, characters,Plot interesting direction special effects very cool. This is a “B” movie all the way. Turn off light Favorite Subtitle Report 0. Its all about fun and making something you love and the filmmakers showed that B movies are still around Congrats. I would just recommend waiting for someone to make a compilation of the best scenes and watch it online.

Most wannabe cult movies attempt to be funny, but fail miserably.

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You can thank me later. Only reason I did not give t a 10 is one of the last lines “there is no Heaven” even though there is a hell in this movies universe, other than that no complaints. How does one say “ridiculously bad” in more ways than one? And stay for the after credit scene. Ridiculous, homemade B movie that’s actually quite fun.

Manborg is really a very good bad sci-fi film, and a reminder of how good and amusing practical effects are. You’re a genius Steven Kostanski. People will tell you it is blah blah blah Seven out of As an indie film director, and huge fan of grindhouse madness, I was so excited to get watching this. Cyborg Soldier sol- 3 July Not the modern 64bit version but the old megadrive one! That said, this is a real CGI achievement — just watch the extras to see how much of the world was created for the film.

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ShamyClothStrikesBack 10 February Growing up in the days of wandering mom and pop VHS rental stores, in search of that one piece of cover-art that showed a promise. Knocked unconscious in battle, a young soldier wakes up to discover that he has been turned into a cyborg capable of fighting the literal demons of hell in this affectionate homage to the sci-fi themed action movies of the s.

Steven KostanskiCountry: It is a fun tribute to the films of yesterday and a surprisingly thrilling one at that with some well crafted action sequences when one gets over the cheesy special effects. None of this ingenuity can quite ohline up for the loose character development manborf thin plotting of the actual film, but this is not the type of movie that one really watches for something deep and meaningful.


I will tell you to get out the popcorn – watch it late please remember this is not mqnborg rom-com!! All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

Long live the “good” cheap made and with crappy old fashion mznborg movies like manborg: You know, how when you have absolutely no expectations for a movie, and it starts out living up to your lack of expectations?

If they were made nowadays and with low budget CGI they most definitely would not be as good, fun and memorable. Acting is very silly and over-the-top, and with dubbed dialogue, it’s rendered even more hilarious.

If you love Cyborgs, laughs and excitement, this movie is not to be missed. An almost equal number gave it the honest review of 1. It’s About Time HD. Maybe Manbotg just a party pooper. A ridiculous premise made by two guys and a small group of their friends made one of the most enjoyable bits of cinema I have ever seen, and I watched Infinty War the day before watching this. Not a member yet? May your career in the movie industry be very short lived.

One character even tries to fight Onlinf style. Or are they too manboeg to get it?

Most of the film is shot in front of a green screen, with animated backgrounds playing behind them, similar to Sin City and Sky Captain. When a fracking environmental accident rips apart the earth’s crust, the resulting hole lets out prehistoric sharks from underground.

It has action, certainly, and plenty of gnarly bloodshed and gratuitous special effects. Watch now Add to favorite. Manborg feels you’re watching the cut scenes from a video game more than you’re watching a movie.