Help me where to find the Season 2, am willing to rent if i have to!!! He took advantage of her. Temir did a lot of bad things to keep Sinah and Mine apart but is somehow still portrayed as being a good guy. I think Netflix for some reason does not carry them. Haydee June 21, at 7: Pin It on Pinterest. Karla campbell November 20, at 1: Filming on location characters plots and acting are all terrific.

Timur should go to jail for attempted murder and realise that his obsession for Mine was disgusting as he is so much older than her and they would never ever be happy in the future as Mine would be bored with him and leave eventually for someone younger. Sinan wasgood and didN;t deserve that ending. I finished all episodes in a month. Really this drama series made me confused. Moving on to Interception. Just horrible show only believe in hate and wrong doing. Thanks Christine for your thoughts on this…I wonder if Emine, who is bonkers, shot him…I am only on episode 19 on netlfix where Emine burned the pan in the kitchen and looks out of her mind, and is so evil, it must be her who would be willing to hurt Sinan even though his father is terrible there is no doubt.

I fell mra by them. There are moments of such exquisite acting, I cannot stop, and also, despite some of what sounds like the same repetitive violin music is this the exact same music used in other Turkish soaps—sure sounds like it! The man that the sister keeps seeing in her imagination is real and he marries her and gets her out of her misery.

He truly wanted to keep Mina from the suffering she would have mewnay experience from her family as well as the society she lived in. Linda September 16, at Regina delos Santos June 27, at I cannot figure out why these Turkish Writers leave you with all these unanswered — cliffhanging — endings to the stories. I am very upset at Netflix. Contrary to meeenay comments that Timur is a pervert, I understand where they are coming from, however when you love someone sometimes its like a possession and not thinking straight.


How sick and disgusting. Lemon August 3, at 7: Just horrible show only believe in hate and wrong doing. Lara September 6, at Eminem played her role very well. Sinan on the other hand is young and spoiled rich kid, loving, caring but temperamental, and lack understand. Will never watch another one of these.

Mera pyaar Meenay – Episode 19 By Express tv – 17th October | Free Dramas Online

Kathleen Balderson June 21, at 8: September 9, — June 18, Production Company: I think Timur is handsome, a good match for Mine, who matured so beautifully, especially after baby born.

Just saw an awesome video od Timur and Mine cooking together! They should do another season!!! I loved the character of Bala. Why did Timur leave the wedding? If he really was a good guy he would know how her heart truly belonged to Sinan.

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Anyway, I sure enjoy turkish dramas very much. That makes him evil. I started watching Turkish tv around the same time I started listening to Dr. Fortunately, the series allows her to mature enough to become disenchanted with the vain spoiled Sinan and to see Timur for who he is. That is the same but true story at least. Pyarr having been to Turkey, I love the views In and around Istanbul and the view of Turkish culture.



I love Turkish shows. The ending was so heart wrenching and disappointing. I found the character controlling and manipulative. Polly Wallace February 25, at Unbelievable that Seyit committed suicide. On my last note. Janeth fernanda ramos February 20, at I was impressed with his moral and ethical compass. It looks like he was the one who eisode Sinan to get him out of the way.

Of course, I will watch anything with Kitvanc Tatlung in it. They could have given more background to get a sense of who he was. Will there be more? I thought Timur was a widow.

Lorraine December 16, at Timur is not fhll. And they live happily with their daughter. Helen Bennett October 30, at My favori te character was Surreya.

I so totally agree with you about Mine and Timur…and Sinan was too hot headed. Is there a season 2?? To make such a role interesting is the hallmark of great acting in my mind.

Does anyone know the lyrics to the theme song? Helen Tesoriero September 9, at Despite everything for a split second the boy smiled Warm, pgar but a little suspicious. Maybe a union between Sihan and Mime would not be a good thing, but as time goes on she will see that she is completely manipulatived by Tirun.