Mei pleads Lucia to continue living, and be happy. LOL I was just answering your latest post. Nakameguro 10 episodes, Ayano Yamamoto Rihito helped to train Mei for a week. Mei and Rihito runs out hand in hand, takes the helicopter to the airport. Or are you talking about the previews? Daichi Yuma 10 episodes,

However, she was annoyed with herself for locating another false box and went on searching, before finally locating the box she believed was the treasure. The principle stepped in stating that anyone who defies the challenge tradition was defying the school as well. During the challenge, 4 secret attackers attempted to kidnap Mei. And I mean, really kind. However the judges deemed the food not fit for consumption and rejected it. Mei-chan no Shitsuji is a feel-good drama with quite an unrealistic plot. Because unbeknownst to even Mei, she is really secretly, heiress to the Hongo estate.

But I didn’t watch much of it. I really want to find that movie again now Kento Shibata 10 episodes, Shin’nosuke Abe Akabane Ukon 10 episodes, Shinpei Takagi Akabane Ukon 10 episodes, At least in my opinion.

Title: Mei-chan no Shitsuji (Mei-chan’s Butler)

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. To her horror, her room is also connected to Rihito’s butler room. The twins said that Rihito was right and they must report this matter back to Mei’s grandfather. Then again, my Japanese wasn’t anywhere near as good then, and I was shtsuji it with subs, which, as we all know, are not necessarily accurate.


Drama Queen Reviews: JDrama Review: Mei-chan no Shitsuji

She turned elisode at the last minute to accept the duel with Izumi san. Aoyama 10 episodes, Keisuke Minami Hino Eriko 10 episodes, Ai Yoshikawa It may not be easily seen here, but really. Akabane Sakon 10 episodes, Mitsuki Tanimura Umeshima Kyoko 10 epidode, Haruna Kojima Rihito turned and left the mad woman. Mei and Rihito runs out hand in hand, takes the helicopter to the airport. Plus as a butler, for someone like Kiba who have been working diligently to date, it has to be an irreplaceable treasure.

The girls challenged Mei to a cooking competition.

The Hongo family, is of course, the number one wealthiest family in Japan! Izumi was first to present her treasure find.

Fukioka Haruhi is a normal teenager going into a school for the absurdly rich. Hongo Kintaro 10 episodes, Share this Rating Title: That being said, it really is quite…Disney-esque in its oversimplification of good versus evil and there are hardly shades of grey in its unambiguously Evil Characters. So Kento chose to grab Mei and escape instead. So, they surround Mei and asks all sorts of questions, while Rihito looks on smiling.

And he’s really nice, just like Izumi. Kazama Ai 10 episodes, Mako Ishino Tags birthday book review books cosmetics fanfic flumpool fun stuff garnet crow glee harry potter internship japan japanese life love love shuffle meme mr. We have also seen that Mei has developed feelings for her butler, and vice versa.


Mizuki disguises herself as a boy and transfers to the same all-boys high school her idol, Izumi Sano, a high-jump athlete that gave up on the sport, attends. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland: Mei Chan No Shitsuji Episode 4 Recap

Full Cast and Crew. She wants her out? O Oh but Mizushima Hiro was fraaaaankly kind of a disaster. I had no idea who Eikura Nana is so I was reserving judgment until I watched this drama.

Meanwhile Rihito was off by himself to help investigate the root cause of this challenge. Nezu 10 episodes, Lucia wants to be the rightful heiress of the Hongo Family, fpisode has tried all means to get rid of Mei.

In her first-year of Or is that just me.