Fate seems determined to bring Mordred down, but he’s just as determined to stop it. Rated ‘T’ for some violence, minor coarse language. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained by Arise Sir Knight reviews Tormented by previous abuse, Merlin tentatively reaches out to Arthur who experiences an astonishing realisation. Merlin is a siren after all. Crash by PadawanGirl reviews “Her eyes stared vacantly ahead. Secret’s out by Aaronna reviews Chapter 1: The Girly Coat by Charis77 reviews A manservant can’t possibly wear his normal clothing to a queen’s coronation, can he? Can Merlin save his friend?

Merlin because I’m feeling deprived. Can they ever be friends again? M – English – Drama – Chapters: So without a proper grasp of what he got himself into this time, he and Arthur return to Camelot. Here, Kitty Kitty by CeriDouglas reviews Merlin has a Condition, the local rat population lives in terror of a new predator, and Uther not surprisingly is unhappy with all of it. With Excalibur in his hand once more, Merlin sets out one last time to end this madness. Five-Star Hospitality by A.

With Excalibur in his hand once more, Merlin sets out one last time to end this madness.

He just got some bad news. It has the rating due to non explicit sexual content and eventual violence.

35 Best “He’ll Never Know Who I Really Am” images | Colin morgan, Merlin, arthur, King arthur

Except when he’s too slow. T – English – Angst – Chapters: He receives the brunt of their frustration but their actions have bigger consequences than anyone ever thought.

Merlin learns what it means to be a prince and an enemy of Camelot – til the day he’s sugtitles by Prince Arthur’s border patrol. Rape aftermath and implied torture. T – English – Fantasy – Chapters: Merlin whump, angst, protective Arthur Merlin – Rated: Hanya me-resync ke DVDrip, sedikit memperbaiki di awal dan penambahan di akhir cerita.


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I used the wrong one. Yuletide gift for AuroraBorealia.

Many of these are comical moments, but every so often, they turn serious It makes him happy and content and he knows he is making the world a better place. Set during Season 4.

DramaAdventureFamily. They could be short, long, sweet, funny, sad.

Whispers by purplecat19 reviews There’s something different about the forest. Heart to heart bromance ensues. The Waking Hour by TheWritingGirl23 reviews Believing sjbtitles has failed in his destiny, an immortal Merlin decides the only way to set things right is to break the barriers of time, go back to Camelot, and correct his mistakes. The First Noel by A.

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Falling on Deaf Ears by Loopstagirl reviews Arthur has been acting strangely for weeks and Merlin can’t figure out why. No one puts a lily on their grave by Marayanna reviews He should have known.

A promise by palomina reviews And Gwen looked at him, eyes ever so kind and soft, and she whispered: Everything is wrong and subtitpes what it seems, but it sugtitles comes full circle in the end, and all is as it should be.

Oneshot though may write another chapter if you all want sbtitles magic reveal as always: Modern day AU, crossdressing, dirty talk, merlni of female body parts, porn treek plot Merlin – Rated: What if they had to find some other way to constantly keep Merlin in control of his own body? I’m Yours by WinglessCrows reviews Merlin had secrets, and Arthur knew nothing of them, until, slowly, he did. I’ll Have You Executed Eventually by nachocheese26 reviews In which King Arthur is horrible at keeping his word and Merlin just wants to be done with it already.


Mab by Gingeraffealene reviews Magic, strange, beautiful and wild flashes past. But the price the Sidhe claim for Arthur’s life might be higher than what Merlin bargained for.

The Warlock’s Quickening by AntaresTheEighthPleiade reviews Merlin might have come to Camelot to ssubtitles his magic, not to end the Purge, but he’s not going to sit idly by while his kin suffer. But Merlin’s hands can also love. Merlin – 05×01 – Arthur’s Bane – Part 1.

In which Merlin decided to become the head of practical effects and may or may not be totally cheating by using his magic. Sunday Night by Val-Creative reviews It’s not until Arthur drops to subtitlds knees, yanking apart Merlin’s belt that the full, undeniable weight of what was happening sets in.