Hopefully your next show will really be dynamically progressive and not as sadistically regressive with a sham of a title. Finally, Gwen manages to poison Arthur, forcing Merlin to use his magic to save the King. As in the past, Merlin voices his concerns to Gaius, who once again brushes them aside. Edit Did You Know? Merlin proved to be way better than what S5! Colin Morgan is a so marvellous actor! He grew up, Merlin says bluntly.

In the legends, Merlin had his own stories and his own life away from Arthur. On the way, Merlin is shown a frightening vision of Arthur’s death. Emrys arrives at Camlann, and uses his magic to knock Morgana unconscious, order Aithusa to leave, and strike down many of Morgana’s men. Trivia Richard Wilson burst a blood vessel in his left eye and can be seen throughout this episode. But Merlin fears there is something sinister at play, particularly due to the odd behavior of Mithian’s nurse, Hilda. When a magically poisoned spear is thrown, Mordred jumps in front of it before Merlin can use magic, saving Arthur and sentencing himself to death. Then Merlin will have, once again, the heavy responsability to make the ultime decision in this episode too?

In all, this is an important episode, one driven by character and emotion; it leaves Merlin’s rrcap still a secret, but it puts us in a place where Merlin is responsible for Arthur’s rejection of magic, a frustrating but exhilarating twist at a time when Arthur and Merlin are both evolving.

With the death rrecap of King Uther haunting the castle, Morgana’s powers greater and more dangerous than ever and Guinevere crossing over to the dark side, both Merlin and Arthur find that their destinies are approaching.

The two-part finale was broadcast on the 22 and 24 December We see a coin given to a sorcerer named Osgar by another hooded woman who states: Share this Rating Title: Merlin resolves to bring the old Gwen back and Merllin suggests that he travel to the Dochraid. Gwaine and Mordred are struck down by the Disir because they are trying to protect the king they serve.


Watch Now With Prime Video. Edit Did You Know? What happens when no one is able to advise Merlin? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn’t it? In the present day, it seems an immortal Merlin still waits for the Once and Future King to rise again. When seasoon the chance to see his father one last time, Arthur takes it.

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Merlin goes, and finds she is a follower of Alator, named Finna. Mordred ultimately saves Arthur nerlin an unexpected turn of events. Unable to persuade the king of his suspicions, Merlin joins Arthur, Gaius, Mithian, Hilda, and a handful of knights on a journey to rescue Mithian’s father, Rodor.

He is then knighted in Camelot, but Merlin is still wary of him. Does the dragon know more ssason he lets on? But as Merlin helps King Arthur to bring the kingdom into a Golden Age, the seeds of Camelot’s destruction are being sown as the sorceress Morgana Pendragon resumes plotting Arthur’s downfall.

Merlin realises only then what happened; in not embracing magic, Arthur sealed his fate; Mordred lives.

Things are much darker now: Notify me seazon new posts via email. We can start speculating about how Gwaine will meet his end this series.

Not the usual good feeling ending or at least hopeful ending. This fear was very well performed — quite unusually Merlin fell silent, stepped back and tried to get away when Arthur wanted to talk.

The show is in need of a reveal. For the new arrival is the sorcerer Mordred, the Druid boy whose destiny it is to end the King’s life and bring chaos to Camelot; after all, Merlin has been warned in the past that Mordred is destined to unite with the evil Morgana in a deadly alliance which will destroy Camelot.


Mdrlin says that there can be no place for magic in Camelot. The only good thing about it is knowing the would-be disappointments at the onset thereby skipping up to the last episodes make it seemed to be the better option and to just look for alternative sources elsewhere for whatever Colin-awesomeness that may nonetheless still be enjoyed. Thank you for your comment. It would have establish his virtue as one that never gave up on his friends. A totally unexpected course of action from young Merlin cleverly leaves the status quo of Camelot intact while emotionally ruining everything forever.

Tyr, a stable-hand, gets caught in the cross-fire and Morgana fears that he will reveal the secret of Guinevere being a traitor. It was announced on 26 November that Merlin would end with the merlun series. As I have said before elsewhere on the site, all viewpoints are welcome as long as they are not expressed offensively. Email required Address never made public. Mordred lets her escape and treats her injuries.

Here we have the agents of the “old gods” specifically challenging Arthur’s beliefs and demanding that he convert and accept their ways. His loyalty to Arthur is becoming unreflexive, unthinking and sychophantic to the point where it is empty of meaning.

Merlin 5.05 “The Disir” REVIEW

What this episode tye is that Merlin is actually a self-serving coward and one-track-minded all-for-Arthur devotee. Notify me of new comments via email. Audible Download Audio Books. As in the past, Merlin voices his concerns to Gaius, who once again brushes them aside. Arthur’s only chance of survival is the powers of the Sidhe of Avalon, so Merlin sets out to reach the lake.