I gave it 4 just for having John Heard in it. Just as this movie’s conversation suggests one man talking to himself ardently, the often excellent “Mindwalk” is most likely to appeal to people who already agree with it. May 10, Doug’s take: There are so many levels of criticism on which to attack this movie. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Sonia responds that the problem might have been avoided by emphasizing prevention — more exercise. The talk takes place in the hours before the tide cuts off the island and the participants are obvious “types”:

No, not something that would be a box office blockbuster, nor a film that would attract “Rambo” fans, but this film grabs you by the frontal lobes and makes you THINK! The politician visits his brother in France and they visit an amazing castle-island in northern France, where they meet the scientist and her daughter , and have a long philosophical discussion about the structure or system of reality and mankind’s especially Americans role in nature. These are good topics and valid points; they deserve better treatment. Fortunately, Fritjof enlisted a competent collaborator. The three discuss the dominant paradigm of modern culture and how it is limiting when trying to solve the world’s problems. Most of the film consists of a discourse on the world, between a trio roaming the French isle of Mont St. This blew my mind That alone is a magical, liminal place for me, one that always takes me outside of the everyday.

On the contrary he seems to have no choice. The conversation flows naturally from topic to topic, point to point person to person. Mindwalk is a synthesis of physics, politics and poetry.


The three discuss the dominant mindwslk of modern culture and how it is limiting when trying to solve the world’s problems. I thought the movie was nicely filmed and had an excellent pace.

Sonia states that, as a physicist, she feels responsible for the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima — and more directly for the military uses of her own discoveries in physics. The setting is the French island of Mont Mindwakk. I was certain I’d be bored out of my skull when I sat down to watch this film, upon the recommendation of a former girlfriend.

However, this would hurt businesses, which would lobby hard against such proposals. For some, this is the antithesis of what a movie should be Then, too, there’s the classic form of the philosophical dialog. Something that many Americans are apparently afraid to do. From the political standpoint of this film it states that most people either fail to vote all together, or worse, vote in ignorance of the subject upon which they mindwak such a vote. eseay

Mindwalk (Philosophical Films)

The poet is receptive but amused; the politician wary, then eager to recruit her. The plot is simple. Intellectually stimulating, not for the masses NeoLeo 29 December In the discussions that they carried on, he seemed to have some trouble comprehending some of the things that Sonia was spouting, and then again so did Jack.

There’s only one problem: I went to netflix to find the rental and it doesn’t exist. Thomas gives two quotations from William Blake: Pay attention to this scene!

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Part of the problem with the film is the speaking tone of actor Sam Waterston and actress-physicist Liv Ullman. However, I discounted that because I do not know of anyone who viewed the film that remotely enjoyed it, or took anything away from it.


It is an excellent tool for teaching scientific debate. Jack assumes that very smart physicist lady is correct in affirming a holistic view of existence.

Essya, the movie was enlightening on some levels.

I have never heard a negative from my students. That remains vitally relevant, as do so many of the ideas explored in the film. Jack leaves wondering if this is a critical turning mindaalk in his life.

Thomas Harriman Ione Skye: The world has become warmer, more polluted, more war like and in a larger state of mass confusion since the movie first hit the big screen in The actors are wonderful. Michel serves to inspire the characters’ dialogue. Trinidad 10 October He questions that which he observes mindaalk, fittingly, has the last word on the proceedings.

In the film, Sonia is apparently intended as Fritjof Capra’s voice, preaching a world vision of living in harmony with the environment, but it would be fair to describe Jack and Thomas as other sides of the same voice.

I personally feel that John Heard played a more important role in Home Alone. The musical score is a relaxing piece. Thayssa 14 June Baroque 29 May Science and politics argue while the arts observe. And that may be the limitation of “Mindwalk.