Long Island City, NY I know there are surrender fees and penalties associated with these type of accounts, but I am not quite sure what they are in my case. Any other beneficiary designation will be treated as a contingent beneficiary unless you tell us otherwise. Allocation of Purchase Payments. The GWB is intended to protect you against poor investment performance. The Janus Aggressive Growth Portfolio seeks long-term growth of capital. Tax Deferral and Qualified Plans.

Table of Contents We reserve the right to terminate our support of a recognized program for any reason, including without limitation, a change in the regulatory requirements applicable to such programs. You want to be aggressive when the markets are down. Account Value 1st Payment Bucket month 1 x. Ages 80 and above. The GWB is intended to protect you against poor investment performance. If you choose not to receive annuity payments as guaranteed under the GMIB II, you may elect any of the annuity options available under the contract.

We reserve the right to modify the contract to bring it into conformity with applicable standards should seeries modification be necessary to prevent an owner of the contract from being treated as the owner of the underlying separate account assets. Each Portfolio is well diversified and was designed on established principles of asset allocation and vagiable tolerance. If you take a full withdrawal of your account value and the withdrawal mlj not exceed the Annual Benefit Payment, or your account value is reduced to zero because you do not have a sufficient account value to pay the GWB Charge and your Benefit Base after the withdrawal is more than zero, we will commence making payments to the owner or the annuitant if the owner is a non-natural person or to your beneficiary, if you or the annuitant should die, on a monthly basis or any mutually agreed upon frequency, but not less frequently than annually until the Benefit Base is exhausted.

We believe the gariable will be tax free for federal income tax purposes; however you should consult your tax adviser.

MetLife Investors (MLI USA VA) Post Effective Amendment No. 8

In that case, we may provide your annuity payment in a single lump sum instead of annuity payments. In addition, for certain investment portfolios performance may be shown for the period commencing from the inception date of the investment portfolio. With respect to exchanges from certain of our variable annuity contracts to this contract, the account value of this contract attributable to the exchanged assets will not seriea subjected to any withdrawal charge or be eligible for enhanced dollar cost averaging.

We have reserved the right to defer payment for a withdrawal or transfer from the fixed account for the period permitted by law but not for more than six months. This will also include any shares that we own on our own behalf.


Because the Portfolios invest in other underlying investment portfolios, each Portfolio also will bear its pro rata portion of the operating expenses of the underlying investment portfolios in which the Portfolio invests, including the management fee, which is not reflected in the above table.

The contracts are offered for individuals and some tax qualified and non-tax qualified retirement plans. Thanks for sharing about this, it has been a real learning experience. Mortality and Expense Charge. We and Distributor may pay additional compensation to selected selling firms, including marketing allowances, persistency payments, preferred status fees and industry conference fees.

These amounts may be significant and may provide the adviser or subadviser or other affiliate with increased access to persons involved in the distribution of the contracts. UNLESS you have a health issue or seriex to pass any remainder to your heirs or taking the guarantee income option – see weries cite below. Please check with your financial representative on which versions are available in your state.

The Benefit Base will also be reset as a result of an Optional Reset as described below.

We may elect to reduce or eliminate the amount of the withdrawal charge when the contract is sold under circumstances which reduce our sales expense. Table of Contents agencies, instrumentalities and certain affiliates of such entities, and tax exempt organizations. I am getting ready to take control back from my FP dharges move all of my accounts to Vanguard. This risk is borne by the beneficiary. I have spent hours doing more research and keep ending up at the same place – this instrument just makes zero sense for me to own.

Met Investors Series Trust is a mutual fund with multiple portfolios. Where otherwise permitted under the terms of the contract, a transfer or assignment of ownership of a Non-Qualified Contract, the designation or change of an annuitant, the selection of certain maturity dates, or the exchange of a contract may result in certain adverse tax consequences to you that are not discussed herein.

Although tax consequences may vary depending on the payout option elected under an annuity contract, a portion varianle each annuity payment is generally not taxed and the remainder is taxed as ordinary income.

Table of Contents marketing and distribution expenses, advertising, wholesaling, printing, and other expenses of distributing the contracts. When we receive those instructions, we will vote all of the shares we own in proportion to those instructions.

Series VA offered by MetLife

The free withdrawal amount described below; then. Table of Contents applicable charges including the portfolio expenses of the underlying investment portfolios. Subsection 2 srurender changed to provide: The Guaranteed Principal Adjustment will be added to each applicable investment portfolio and EDCA account in the ratio the portion of the account value in such investment portfolio bears to the total account value in all investment portfolios. You can choose one of the following annuity options or any other annuity option acceptable to us.


I am in a very similar situation with some variable annuities sold to us by a financial “advisor” who profited very handsomely from the transaction.

Please see the terms of your actual contract for more detailed information. Currently, when we detect transfer activity in the Monitored Portfolios that exceeds our current transfer limits, or other transfer activity that we believe may be harmful to other owners or other persons who have an interest in the contracts, we require all future transfer requests under that contract to be submitted with an original signature.

The Guaranteed Withdrawal Amount may increase with additional purchase payments. The death benefit chargee be the greater of: Any other beneficiary designation will be treated as a contingent beneficiary unless otherwise indicated.

The amount of the withdrawal charge on the contracts may be reduced or eliminated when sales of the contracts are made to individuals or to a group of individuals in a manner that results in savings of sales expenses. Chargex life annuity with a ten year period certain period certain shortens for ages 80 and above ; or.

I didn’t know that someone could do that. Life annuity with 10 years of annuity payments guaranteed. The credited interest rate is equal to xeries guaranteed minimum rate. Powers of Attorney for Michael K. Certain terms used in this supplement have special meanings. I spent a long time yesterday discussing this with a Vanguard annuity specialist. Thanks for your help and support. You can obtain copies of the fund. The varible investment portfolio may have different fees and expenses.

The contract includes optional death benefits that in some cases may exceed the greater of the premium payments of the account value. In order to keep track of this portion of your. The annuitant and the owner do not have to be the same person except as required under certain sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

We currently offer an annuity option under which fixed or variable monthly annuity payments are made for a selected number of years as approved by us, currently not less than 10 years. Taxation of Non-Qualified Contracts.