Season 2, Episode 9 November 5, Dee and Frank try to have a romantic night in but their plans are interrupted by a phone call. Her first husband was physically abusive, and she left him in , taking her three children with her. Season 5, Episode 3: Cooper and had a recurring rol When left with a single partner, the Picker can choose to either split the money or keep it. Meanwhile, Myles has a slumber party.

My dad’s mother’s Puerto Rican and black, and his father was from Barbados. It sold , copies domestically, earning a gold certification from the RIAA. Season 2, Episode 24 May 20, Kelly Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. This episode marks the final appearance of Yvette Wilson as Andell Wilkerson. But it turns out that they were more than just “friends.

Dorian goes to see his biological mother and ends up baby-sitting for her children who are more than a handful. After being discovered by DJ Spinderella, he began touring with rap trio Salt-n-Pepa’s and remained with the dance troupe for three years.

As Moesha and Niecy attempt to apologize to Kim, they all find themselves victims of gossiping behind each other’s backs. Member feedback about List of The Parkers episodes: It soldcopies domestically, earning a gold certification from the RIAA. So, Moesha decides to write a story on Ohline illiteracy but she forgets one important thing– she didn’t check the facts after Justin lied about not being able to read.


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Season 2, Episode 13 November 26, He asks her to write the test for him. Joan Moseley Tina Lifford is a divorced mother, raising three children with no assistance from her ex-husband. Beginning her career in at the age of four, Good has appeared in numerous television shows, films, and music videos. D-Money Loses His Patience. Dee and Frank try to have a romantic night in but their plans are interrupted by a phone call. Meanwhile, Hakeem accidentally sees Dee naked.

Member feedback about R. When Frank and Dee find a marijuana cigarette in the house, all suspicion leads to Moesha. Lawson’s first ongoing starring role in a television series was in Australian drama Hotel Story in She also had recurring roles on sitcoms A Different Wo As time went on, the two females of the house would learn to appreciate and cherish each other’s presence.

Member feedback about Mercy Point: This episode ends in a cliffhanger. She decides to go anyway as she has been waiting for so long. LeAnn Rimes gives Kim and Moesha some good advice on how to remain good friends.


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Moesha and Kim decided to try out for the school cheer-leading squad, at the request of Ashli. Beginning her career as a dancer, Bell Calloway is perhaps best known for her role as Princess Imani Izzi Eddie Murphy’s arranged wife in the comedy Coming to Busteed.

Also, Moesha accidentally tells Hakeem that she’s engaged to Q. Season 5, Episode 8: Moesha organizes a campus concert with Hakeem, Niecy, Jerome and Alicia, but when the main act, “Mayhem”, is late, Dorian’s group “What” takes the stage to appease the crowd.

The show premiered on BET January 5, The series, which was produce This is a list of Halloween special episodes on television. Brandy appearing in a dual role as herself.

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Season 3, Episode The Party’s Over Here. Arriving Right on Q.

Moesha still has feelings for Q as he does for her.