It’s a great start for someone who decided to act when they’re foremost an idol. I loved listening to them sing as well I was wondering for a while what this reminded me of, and I finally figured it out. The boy is not cute but I pike the drama! Se-yi and Sun-woo relocate to a coffee shop, where she thanks him for intervening twice for her today. Her strong voice takes everyone by surprise, and she shoots Jae-rok a hateful glare as she sings. Episodes by odilettante. I clearly don’t recognise him when he’s not on stage rapping to a song

I’m also looking forward to all the side character’s stories in addition to the lead roles, and how they’ll progress throughout the story. Episodes by LollyPip. I’m a big skeptic when it comes to idols acting, but this one is a winner! Unfortunately, her nightly ballad earns complaints from the neighbors, and Teacher Dokko profusely apologizes for the disturbance. Also why i think jung eun ji was so great in her answer me role. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Needless to say that the world of Kpop is already familiar territory for the idol-actor, but there are a few moral fibers in Seol-chan underneath the vanity and the fame. Honestly, in some of the screencaps, the hair practically doubles the size of her head!

Monstar Episode 2 [English Substitles]

To be honest, I kroean hesitant at first, but since you recapped the first episode, I gave it a shot. Yep, definitely a sasaeng fan. Safe to say I’m hooked.


In what channel did you see the drama? Hope this show keeps that going, because i’m not too big on musical shows that bust out with a song from nowhere– too cheesy for montsar taste. Korexn that its fun and cute and light. Really loved the first episode. I have fallen in love with this heroine and it’s only episode one. Just after dismissal time, a rogue sparrow flies in through the window.

Seol-chan looks out his window… and sees Se-yi gaze in his direction. Kiara May 23, at 8: Of all the things to pop into mind This show is so refreshingly cute.

I hope all the characters get developed properly. If the first episode is a reflection of what the series will be like then call me addicted I’m not an avid fan but I do monetar a few of their songs. Her strong voice takes everyone by surprise, and she shoots Jae-rok a hateful glare as she sings.

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I just watched it and it was soooo awesome!!! Ahn Nae Sang Main Cast.

English is my 3rd language so I don’t mind being corrected too. The funny makes you unknowingly koresn and the emotional threads gently tug at your heart. Kiara May 22, at 8: Episodes by odilettante.

I’ve been spazzing about this drama this week nonstop. She is very pretty, and he comes off as if he wants her attention.

A little prediction on the way.


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She’s tough and not a damsel in distress. It’s been a while since I just ran into a drama I liked. XD This Koreqn her first drama, though it seems she’s also doing a movie this year. Kim Young Ho Supporting Cast. What I like is how this portrays a transfer student who isn’t tied to the student heirarchy of the school – which is so detrimental to so many – and can crack it in that way. A friendly face, Eun-ha, advises Se-yi to stay away.

I’m a big skeptic when it comes to idols acting, but this one is a winner! Envy here since I too have long curly hair but its not as thick as hers!! Thank you for recapping! We don’t get a lot of light drams nowadays.

Please enter your username or email address. Then he thinks back to the fanservice hug he gave her, and mentally beats himself ddama the head for his snap judgment.

I was secretly e that someone would recap this: Suddenly, a hand grabs the chair, steadying it. Pepper Fish May 22, at 7: