Shuga later goes to see Gakai, who has been relieved of his position due to Sagum’s death. At first, Jiguro wanted to avoid Balsa going through a life full of bloodshed, but he later decides to train her in the martial arts. Secret Plan, the Blue Hand. The swordsmith agrees to forge her a new blade once he is convinced that she did not kill the prince. The episodes are directed by Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Production I. Soon after, as Yarsam’s father comes to take him away, Balsa arrives and challenges his father to a match herself. After saving Prince Chagum from a thinly veiled assassination attempt, ordered by his own father, Balsa is tasked to protect him from his father. In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are assumed to be two hundred years extinct.

Nevertheless, Shuga pleads for Gakai to assist him in his studies. Add the first question. Views Read Edit View history. Tanda gives Balsa, along with the hunters, some sig saluas to pursue the Egg Eater and save Chagum. Subscribe to the VIZ Newsletter. Shuga travels to the village to investigate whether or not the water levels are lowering. After having noticed the drought sign has not diminished, Shuga soon finds out that Gakai , another master star diviner, is taking the stone scrolls from the sacred chambers to give to Sagum , the first prince of the empire. He tells the two of a story about a warrior who died while protecting a child from assassins, which alludes to Jiguro and Balsa.

But his salvation may lie in the hands of Balsa, the spear-wielding bodyguard from Kanbal, the kingdom across the mountains. Shuga and the hunters, after realizing that Balsa is aware of the water spirit inside Chagum, prepare their journey to Tomi Village as well.

Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. The Emperor is told that the secret hunters failed to capture the prince and finish Balsa off. VIZ Media delivers a full slate of exciting digital anime series premieres and also details the latest key episode additions for its February update to its Neon Alley free anime streaming platform. Before the swordsmith lets them retrieve their swords, he explains he would create a magnificent weapon for a warrior who uses it for justice and not malice.


But his salvation may lie in the hands of Balsa, the spear-wielding bodyguard from Kanbal, the kingdom across the mountains. Her skill and tenacity are legendary, but can she fend off an entire empire?

Share this Rating Title: After Jiguro defeats one of the hunters sent by the king, he takes Balsa to the hhe to have a new spear forged in seven days time. Tanda 22 episodes, Hirofumi Nojima Now he has to overcome the older players on his high school team who are dead set against letting him surpass them.

Haibane renmei TV Mini-Series A full list of Hulu -enabled tje can be found at http: Balsa 25 episodes, Naoto Adachi Come sunrise, Balsa and Tanda successfully extracts the egg and Chagum’s life is saved. In the yearmankind has reached a point where journeying between Earth, the moon and the space stations is part of daily life.

After Balsa takes Chagum away from Shuga, dubged head back to meet up with Tanda. Hibitonan sends Mon and Zen to prevent Shuga from going down into the canyon, since that is where Chagum and Balsa were said to be killed. Hibitonan locks Shuga inside the sacred chambers during his studies on the drought sign.

Spice and Wolf — The Summer Solstice Festival. He reveals his interpretation of the inscriptions to Hibitonan, mentioning that Chagum is still alive and that the water spirit must be born in order to prevent guardain drought.

Tanda brings in a slave trader named the Blue Hand to Balsa, who wants to “purchase” and release all of his slaves using the Second Empress’s treasure, in exchange for access to his hideout and one of his horses. Year Edit Cast Series cast summary: Neon Alley offers the flexibility of a digital format as well as the ability to stream the series in dubbed format, or enjoy all 50 episodes of the series in their entirety available now with English subtitles.


However, when Chagum’s staged funeral is held in the capital, a wide-area search for her is in the works. Chagum agrees to play an all-or-nothing round, betting his necklace for the money that was taken away.

The swordsmith agrees to forge her a new blade once he is convinced that she did not kill the prince.

Anime and manga portal. Views Read Edit View history. Chagum, Balsa, Tanda, and Torogai travel to Tomi Village in the hope of learning the ancient story of the water spirit. Gakai visits Sagum, who is soon about to die. She must leave the city without being noticed, a task made difficult by the prince being overcome with the grief of leaving moriboto family.

Balsa is unable to get any sleep because Gyopsal was ordered to shoot stones at her all night until sunrise.

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Full subtitled series available now. Guardian of the Sacred Spirit —.

Just then, the Egg Eater appears to claim the egg, but the hunters manage to repel it with fire torches. Torogai has discovered that the official founding history englosh the magic weavers is false. Robin is a recent trainee who joins up, and begins unravelling the secrets of both the witches and STNJ Shuga purchases a horse and travels toward the canyon. While Chagum is reunited with his mother, Balsa contemplates the future.