Once he is split up into three clones, the real one will eventually fire a ball of energy at you to hurt you. The first wave always has three, but the second wave usually has two and rarely has one. Just like all other attacks of fire, just jump out of the way and you will survive. Blue orbs will fly out of his mouth in a spiral and if it hits you, you will temporarily turn into stone. Mace Crusher – This is the only attack that Onox uses with the mace that he carries around. Mothulas are simple enemies who only have two attacks. He has many attacks in this form. I recommend Pegasus seeds and a full stock of everything.

Heart Container Bright Sun. The main idea is to wait until he breathes in for his Flamethrower attack, and then throw a bomb into his mouth. She will attack with her claw, and attempt to grab you and smash you into the floor. Because Dark Dragon is so huge, his swipe really is effective. Being a dragon he is obviously going to do that. Blueball – This is the other kind of fireball that he shoots. You must attack his claw many times, at least 8 times I think, before it falls off.

Onox This is a two stage battle. Leap onto either of the two platforms then slash at Mothula when it appears in the center of the room.

It takes a good number of bombs to kill him, so it might take a while, but you will be victorious in the lf. The blue Poe will be charging at you with his sword. If you did it right it should explode by him, hurting him in the process. This is their only attack and it makes for a fairly easy experience.

He basically rolls up into a ball and charges at you in several different patterns. A Link to the Past. There is a need for seadons because destroying one head without laying a finger on the other is bad, because after maybe seconds the other head oraclle so you have to do it all over again.


So avoid these by using a double jump with Roc’s Cape.

Mothula (Oracle of Seasons)

Make sure you have Roc’s Cape and your sword equipped. Yes I did give him 11 stars out of 10, just to show that he is harder than Onox.

Her attacks are immense. Repeat until they are all dead. After the heads are defeated, his body will jump into the air. I think you only need a couple hits the second time but it is still a hassle. Then slash those two until they fall, it will be a little harder, but nothing you can’t handle. Jumping doesn’t really work to dodge the fireballs, so moving aside is the best way to go.

Ganon will frequently warp around the room, unleashing a melee of attacks:.

The wingless Mothula can be killed in one hit with a Parry attack, while winged Mothulas take a few more hits with Parries. After you’ve defeated her claw, she will send spider larva at you. The first wave always has three, but the second wave usually has two and rarely has one.

This is pretty easy to dodge, just stay light on your feet and it shouldn’t be too difficult. The Adventure of Link.

This is where Roc’s Feather comes into play. You have to hit him in the eye at least 5 times, more like 8 times, until he dies. After that, jump over and slash the crystal on his chest.

Dodongo will charge at you, but if you can avoid that, this fight is fairly easy. Flamethrower – This is the only attack that you should get hit by. He will teleport to the middle of the room and open his mouth wide.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games (Video Game) – TV Tropes

When he throws the bomb at you pick it up, with the Power Bracelet equipped of course, wait a few seconds, then throw it back at him. Horn Fire – This is an attack that he does fairly often, you will know it happens because his horn will flash red and he will fire three red fire attacks at you. In case you were wondering, the ball itself has South Polarity so use the North Polarity to suck it off the pillar.


This boss is back! Final Boss Stage 2 Difficulty Rating: To defeat this final monster, you must wait till he does his splat attack and make him miss. Beware of this attack, it is pretty deadly. In the arena there are the pools of water, which they appear from. After a short period of time, Mothula will settle on one of the two platforms in the middle of the room, leaving itself open for attack.

When one of the mouths opens up and is about to shoot, direct the path of your boomerang to hit it. I suggest killing them so they don’t get in the way.

Mothula – Zelda Dungeon Wiki

He shoots 5 or 6 pobodos in three different directions, making it pretty hard to dodge. If you are surrounded by them jump out to try to manage it better. Manhandla This fight requires the Magical boomerang. Have Roc’s Cape ready motthula dodge his attacks. Just stay patient and he will eventually fall. Fan Artwork of Mothula from Spirit Tracks by timoteilol.

He will jump around, and give you a wallop each time he lands on you. Timing is crucial to your hitting him with your bombs, and many times you will miss. Eventually he oeacle fall.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Boss FAQ

This document is copyrighted by Armin Jewell. Hole Creation – This attack isn’t used as often as the other two, but it is seaaons used every so often. Ground Stomp – This is an attack that can be hurtful if you are kind of standing back.