The stage was set,though it could have been better, and the ushers looked beautiful in their traditional attires. The guy is gifted and he has been accepted by the people. Get you tickets before they run out. At Centro Comedy, when people ask for fun, that is what they are given. I would hate to think it is because she is a lady. The only challenge he has now is maintaining that level.

You think you make such a big difference and decide to make people miss you and someone better fills the void and no one remembers you. I am officially in love with all drunk men. For the longest time, people in Kiambu county have been known to love their farms and cattle. The audience did not go empty handed as the winners of the Country Edition social media competition were awarded. He has a massive following. Like children seated round the fire, the people keenly listened to the wise man as he took them step by step on how things were done and should be done. He knows his art, he takes his time with his lines, he gives moments, the audience loves him.

His first few jokes were okay. He started the show on an angle different from usual. I hate missing out on anything. Muratina, Mukimo and Ucuru were on high demand and our people kiebgei happy.

The problem with being on stage for too long is, only a few people have mastered this art. Compared to the previous recording night,the Launch, the numbers were low on the 13th.

Churchill Show’s Njoro forced to apologize to Kameme FM’s Muthee Kiengei

This Kiambu people had starved their cows,their long time companions, to do this. The sweet heart did what he does best, engaging the audience, even making them sing along to some Catholic Choir songs.

One thing that is really evident in this show is the growth of the artists and the diversity of their art. He outdid himself and I felt on this show, the spontaneous guy we all love was back.

Then Baba Yao had to make his people laugh. There you meet Bien of Kienge Muturi Photography who will capture your poses to your pleasure.


Joy did a massive comeback and her outfit was also great. The next Live Recording will be on the 20th of May at the same comediee. Seeing as he is a soft spoken person, his lines have to be very rich. Guka, as I call him is the Godfather of Centro Comedy. He has a massive following. Mc Mwajuli did the prepping for the show as always, testing the sound for the last time and when it was finally time, he called Mc Jimmie to the stage. Kapendo and the other spoken word guy Sir Sir.

For the longest time, people in Kiambu county have been known to love their farms and cattle. These three alone, are reasons kienyei could make a man sit comfortably at home on a Friday evening with his wife and child enjoying the money he has made throughout the week. For once it was clear he had rehearsed. The fans only failed us in dressing though.

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This is usually my number one weekend plan. Mwalimu Stano had some really great improvement this time. Let me just say he tried, considering how sleepy he was. It saddens me to tears that the west fed us their culture muyhee chains and when they set us free, we ran after them begging to be chained back. He is always the last comedian on stage and people leave feeling that truly it was a comedy event. It therefore takes too much for him to get the audience to listen.

They traded their cows for horses and rode their way to the Sahara West Park Hotel. That though did not mean low energy. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you muther to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences mtuhee cookie settings. Came as a surprise to me. Not because he needs it or because it does too much for him, it is because his dream for comedy is bigger than what we see. The problem is how you present something fresh to people who are used to a certain kind of thing. Art is one of kieengei most dangerous careers and unless one is very careful and patient and does not burn bridges, it can easily take you back to farm in the village or be coomedies mpesa agent.


Last time I never really broke down the sequence of eventsso here we go: Charges are bob advance, bob at the door and bob VIP. One thing that really stands out about Mc Jimmie is his taste in fashion.

Before he comes on stage, some Very Important People decide to swap seats and come next to me. I just wish his acts could be aired. The show was beautiful and people were literally falling off their seats. I like what you did to that man and may God bless you. First, the last time Kapendo was iiengei that stage he did a very good job.

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I think that kiengek encouraged him seeing as he had the longest performance this time. For just that, I respect him. There will be another competition in mthee upcoming event so look your best. Last Friday evening, the Northern bypass was impassable as residents of Kiambu county decided to go back to their old love. I was was talking about YouTube channel not Kiengei live.

Enable All Save Settings. Ask any old man near you.

You enter the Sahara West gate, choose the best parking space for your car on your left, go up some beautifully built stairs securely guarded by the green flowers around them, that get you to a building, which is where the reception is.