If you use it once, you should use it only after he forgets it. Perhaps he’ll jump out of the building if it is you who says it. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. It has some medical dimensions that docs are only able to say. I cannot stand there uncle. Ohh God bless your team Remember I loved a girl named Sahira Banu when I was in 8th Like the timing comedies throughout the entire movie.

Thought after the fight you had with him that he wouldn’t have come. You’re the one who should stand there. A young man forgets a few years of his life, even as he is about to get married. Remember Vikram banging his head at some rock in the film ‘Sethu’? I found the most irritating movie i ever come across, stopped watching after 30 minutes. I even paid to see movies on this site. This is what I’ve been tell you, how do we take him to the dais from here? Let him sleep well, then only he can come to the reception with a fresh face.

When a night in a hospital doesn’t bring him to normalcy, Prem’s three baffled friends — Bags Bagavathi PerumalBajji Rajkumar and Saras Vigneswaran — decide to get him to tie the knot without the groom’s and bride’s families including Dhanam herself realizing his condition.


I feel like his noline shall not know about this.

This is my life. Its not a problem man. Happy New Yr 2 ur team. At some point of time, I had some friends like these 4 guys I know it very well, that he called my dad to insult him. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. Use the following code to embed this video. Great movie, funny and emotional. If I knew that he’d behave like this I wouldn’t have called my dad. Now what’s the point in not eating together!

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Hence, his friends plan to keep him in their company, enact a drama till he ties the wedding knot, with the hope naduila he would get back his memory soon, while covering Prem’s disorder from everyone else. Thought he’d not forget me and I could not come to the marriage. Great screenplay and script.

Hats off to the movie team: Genre ComedyDrama. You think that you can manage things without telling anything.

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If you want I’ll not only jump wtach this building but also marry BAH iva yaru pakkathile pee mathiri irukku? It’s not a matter Bhags. Connect to YouTube No thanks. If he wanted that perfection he could better arrange a make-up man. Let him sleep well, then only he can come to the reception with a fresh face. Advertisement – opens new tab. He’ll be alright if he takes a day’s bed rest.


Siddharth Vipin Music director. Govindaraj Production company Leo Vision. During this one year you have been loving a girl named Dhanalakshmi. Onilne genre shud follow this path.

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

Ved Shankar Music director. Join the discussion contains spoiler. Release Date 23 SEP Thought this would happen when he put the cucumber over mouth. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: LOVE the acting by everyone in this film.

Remember Vikram banging his head at some rock in the film ‘Sethu’? Vijay Adhinathan Art director. Sun Nxt Tamil Movies. You should manage ’em somehow. Sun Nxt Comedy Movies.