However, Mahish reaches there and disrupts their holy dance, leaving both Shivangi and Sesha unconscious. Vikrant’s plan to get rid of Mahir and becoming the Naagraj receives an unexpected setback when Bela strikes back with a plan of her own. Takshak Lok’s sorceress and Shesha’s aide. Alycia Dias topic Alycia Dias is a Pakistani playback singer, who is best known for singing the Urdu language serials. Neelam Muneer is a Pakistani actress and model known for her roles in Pakistani television series. Ritik soon learns the truth about Yamini being evil, and joins with Shivanya to protect the Naagmani.

Member feedback about Razia Sultan TV series: Eventually Mehmet falls in love with her, and her dream comes true. Views Read View source View history. She realizes that he wants revenge and that his next target is Mahir. They tell her that Shivangi is Shivanya’s daughter and how she is both the caretaker of the Naagmani and also a Naagin who can change her form. Andy’s mistress and the mother of his children Aditya and Pratham. However, Shivangi understands that Maheesh is just bluffing and ignores his warning.

As the games are going on, Rocky comes down and Naag-Rani Ruhi aka Bela’s chief advisor, who enacted nagih her father in front of the Sehgals and made them believe that to get his debts to Andy waived off, Bela was going to marry Yuvraj.

Naagin 9th January Full Episode The lady tells him that someone very different and not at all familiar would be Rocky’s wife. There dramq five murderers, but Shivanya was able to see only three of them: During this time, Bela is kissed by Mahir.

Shivangi comes to Rocky’s home for revenge. The priestess starts saying some Mantras and the scorpion comes and takes the poison out of Sesha’s body, and she comes back to her senses. You will be shocked to hear the list of top 5 shows on TV!


Know what this is about? Since its launch inthe show continues to rake high TRPs and is amongst the most watched shows.

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However, after staying for a few moments in front of Ritik’s picture, the killer goes in the maze. Bela is hated by Mahir’s younger sister Kuhu and Kuhu’s best friend, Anu who thinks that something was wrong with her. He was greedy for the Naagmani and was one of the murderers of Shivanya. Nagin Serial Episode 1 – euronso. Shivangi decides to confront Rocky about the same on her own and approaches him in a hesitant manner.

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Srama to the noise Rocky wakes up and asks Shivangi that what is she doing there. Roumil, his paternal aunt Mansi and cousin Aaliya were the only members of the Nikanj family to remain alive by the end of the revenge saga in Season 2. Ab Thora Sa Muskurao — In this segment, comedian Kashif Khan interact with the audience to spread smiles on their face.

Then Sumitra shakes hands with the vultures girdhs as they want a share in Naagmani and a revenge on Bela. He was killed jointly by Vish and Bela, and was their third target, after Karan and Yuvi. Nagin Serial 21 November Full Episode – fangeload.

He was greedy for the Naagmani and was one of Shivanya’s murderers. Rocky asks Shivangi that what happened and she tells him that she is feeling a little tired as they were outside and hides her truth from him. At firstBela doesn’t understand anything but then understands that Mahir has regain his memory as Mahir didn’t eat the tabletthe previous night.

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Sunil Munshi’s daughter, Daksh’s younger sister and Bela’s friend. Retrieved 27 March Member feedback about Punar Vivaah: Rocky, meanwhile, finally tells Shivangi that he loves her a lot and cannot live without her. Nagin; Adhoori Maa; Sitam.


Yamini, Rani Avantika, Sesha and the others are drinking champagne and rejoicing on Shivanya and Shivangi’s death. Watch and Download filmazia Clip Videos, browse all videos related to filmazia. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Sesha says that she wants to be with rocky, but Not willing to give up, he makes another move by misleading Mahir into believing that he is in a relationship with Bela. Shivangi is searching for Vikram, as to where he is.

Retrieved 19 September Some of the most popular dramas are the dhaaniMera Sultan, and sh]]. Meanwhile, Avantika asks Yamini as to where the Naagmani is, but she replies that she does not have it.

Everyone rushes to congratulate Rudra and Alia, while Sesha walks up to Rocky to tell him that she finds Rudra to be weird.

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Nagin 17 June Full Episode. Shivangi tells Avantika that she will avenge her mother’s death now. Now-a-days Nagin find out the main reasons of Hawali Khazana. Urdu-language television channels Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Urdu 1 Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Television channels and stations started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. She was made to wear the groom garments by Yamini while killing Shivanya, in order to make filmaxia appear to Shivangi that Rocky was one of her mother’s murderers.