Asuma fights Furiido, who is revealed to be Kazuma. Kate Higgins as Haku young. Crispin Freeman as Itachi Uchiha. Sayaka Aida as Isaribi. Sasuke and the Second Hokage are defeated by Madara. Elsewhere, Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru discover that they are being followed by some of Konoha’s invaders, and Shikamaru opts to stay behind to stall them. Japanese Box Office, August Aug 26,

Seiji Morita Fine Arts Supervision: Miyu Matsuki as Beautiful Woman ep Ogie Banks as Karashi. Naruto Shippuden Panel Oct 14, Debi Mae West as Old Woman eps Sasuke begins his match with Gaara by trying, like Rock Lee, to bypass his defenses. Simone D’Andrea as Itachi Uchiha.

As they prepare to search for Sasuke, Sai questions Naruto’s reasons for wanting to have Sasuke back, to which Naruto responds that the two formed a bond that he refuses shuppuden have broken.

Once finding that Naruto has wind nature chakra, Kakashi helps him hone the ability to control wind. Having since come to find Naruto to be his closest friend, Sasuke prepares do just that, finding the shippudenn of Naruto to be an adequate payment for the strength needed to kill Itachi.

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Retrieved October 28, Junko Takeuchi as Naruto Uzumaki. As Madara died, Obito adopted his name and manipulated Nagato to create Akatsuki and capture the nine-tailed beasts required to reach his goal.


Reinaldo Rodrigues as Itachi Uchiha. Shelf Life – Sound and the Fury Aug 15, Showtaro Morikubo as Shikamaru Nara.

The Click – October 14th – October 20th Oct 14, Roberto Rocha as Shinobi ep 1. Naoko Matsui as Shikamaru’s Mother ep He transfers his energy to Kakashi so that he can use his Mangekyo Sharingan. Chae-Eon Han as Gaara of the Desert. Jose Amado Santiago as Orochimaru.

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Grazia Migneco as Nonna Sansho eps As Naruto recovers from his injuries, he and Sakura vow to bring Sasuke back together. Lukasz Lewandowski as Inoichi Yamanaka Mizuki ep 1.

Choji is able to free the team from Jirobo, and begins to do battle with him while the others continue their pursuit. Retrieved July 30, Kyle Hebert as Kiba Inuzuka. R; 19 episodes eps,, Narutinine Gonda Studio Cosmos; 8 episodes eps 3, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 31, 35 Mai Uematsu Pierrot D. Soon afterwards Jiraiya and Naruto find her and offer her the title narutonlne Hokage.

Their battles won, the Konoha ninja return home with their saviors, just as Naruto catches up with Sasuke and the Valley of the End, a landmark where the First Hokage similarly fought Sasuke’s ancestor Madara. Sasuke decides to go to Orochimaru in order to get stronger and accompanies the Sound Four back to his lair after coldly rejecting Sakura, who tried to bring him back. Seok-Pil Choi as Pakkun. Anime Expo – Viz Media Jul 4, The Gokage Summit Commences Gokage kaidan, kaimaku!! Ramon Campos as Mubi Yachiro Uchiha.


Shelf Life – Teatrino for Two Jun 14, Bruno Bulte as Pakkun Tazuna. The Click – September 16th – September 22nd Sep 16, Tatiane Keplmair as Sakura Haruno. Mitsuru Miyamoto as Akahoshi.

Despite this turn of events, Naruto refuses the Nine Tails’s power before Sasuke enters the youth’s mind and suppresses the Tailed Beast. Musashi Project Toshio Masuda. Joanna Pach as Sakura Haruno eps Hiroshi Shirokuma as Doki. Miki Ono as Tsubaki ep 1. Fpisode Fabregat as Kurobachi.

Kousei Hirota as Gosunkugi. Have you seen this? As Kakashi is about to kill Zabuza with his Lightning Blade, Haku takes the attack, saving Zabuza at the cost of his own life. Gabriella takes a look at an underrated magical girl show that takes place in the streets of Harajuku, while Paul runs down all this week’s new blu-ray releases!

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Sayaka Aida as Isaribi. Steve Staley as Neji Hyuuga. R; 18 episodes eps 2,,Nobuo Kimura Pierrot D.