Saturday, July 14, Meribassai, Part 3, July 03, Jire Khursani topic Jire Khursani Nepali: Among others, comedy couple couple of both reel and real life , Suntali and Dhurmus presented comedy program. Copyright to Nepali Solte. Retrieved 6 October

Ramji Khand Nepali Lok Geet. Meri Bassai topic Meri Bassai Nepali: Takme Buda topic Takme Buda Nepali: But, she claims to be a responsible and good mannered person. After that along with Kedar Ghimire and Daman Rupakheti he created the sitcom Meri Bassai,[5] which helped him to establish as one of the most successful comedians in Nepal. Saturday, July 14, With Chhakka Panja becoming the biggest blockbuster in Nepali movie industry.

Jigri also loves Rakshya and tries to marry her in most of the episodes but fails everytime because of Kaku.

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Nepal Television topic Nepal Television Nepali: Meri Bassai, 26 MarchPart 1, meri bassai march 26Part 1, meri bassai 26th marchmeribassai 26 marchPart 1. He and his nephew Jayanta Narayan Paadey Jayante are expert in fooling and cheating the bawsai When one serial features the top actor in Nepali movie industry, how can another competitive serial not feature the Maha-Nayak.

Which says this is world’s not yours in the future he will save Nepal. Jiwan sathigiwansathi compriyanka karki husband.


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Jire Khursani — Last 5 episodes. Retrieved December 31, Member feedback about Bhadragol: The most interesting fact of this sitcom is that Sitaram Kattel has performed more than 24 roles alone due to bwssai he has been considered as one of the Nepal ‘s most talented and best nepail ever.

Sita Ram Kattel, popularly known as Dhurmus after [ Wilson Bikram Rai Nepali: She also plays as Fatauri amai who always asks for money or goods from others and the most talkative in those villages. The show ended in November after 12 years of continuous broadcast. He has no front teeth and always says “aile lattale dera bariko patama puryaidinxu.

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Please helps us to like and join this page. He also worked in Thorai Bhaye Pugisari.

Member feedback about Meri Bassai: Deepak Raj Giri was the script writer, director, and one of the main characters. Early life Chapagain was born on 16 January in Jhapa, Nepal. Meri Bassai,1 October Part 1.

To the question if Rekha Thapa is a proudly actress as rumored, she admitted to be a little bit proud. Tito Satya — Last 5 episodes. Member feedback about Sitaram Kattel: Tito Satya aired every Bawsai on Nepal Television. She is considered one of the Nepal’s talented and good comedian ever because she had played various roles in her own sitcom Meri Bassai. After that, he started to act in Meri Bassai as the character “Bandre”, the role for which he became well known.


But somehow he escapes from the jail. Watch online videos on Meri Bassai.

Bhadragol topic Bhadragol English: He is a old man married to Maiya and has a son named Jureli. He often imitates the retired ex-British Gurkha army Limbu man in Limbu accent as ‘Takme Buda’ to entertain his spectators.

Privacy Policy of Serial Sansar. Member feedback about Tito Satya: Rekha Thapa rightly says that good films are doing well so. Every time he 20112 from punishment and at last when he is caught, he is put at prison in “Thokthake Prahari Chauki”, Kusunde by Himal Ashahi. Nepal Television has [