Its the little things that make all the difference. How to get a better price than Wotif, E At first I really liked this kiosk system, until I found we still had a movie 3 days later. Absolutely Garbage Advertising movies they haven’t stocked in any kiosk. Good on you Video Ezy. I only wish they had MORE machines. In this case the bump for me was the extra day fee. Works well I find the Kiosks really good.

Microsoft purchases Nokia devices and services bus We only wish they had more kiosks but with the world pushing everything digital or online it’s so nice to find a company who are still trying to meet peoples needs. However I later noticed that I was charged a late fee. I have included the return notification below. Good Cheap, and need them in lot more locations and need to have bigger rage of selection, like old classics and also a extra day for classics. Customer service offered a ‘free’ rental replacement, but not wasting my time with them,.

Liked being able to reserve titles and search the local kiosk for what was available, these options are not available on Video Ezy, would be great if they movis be added on. Set as Home Page option added to the Search Austra I only wish they had MORE machines. This results in people who want to hire new moovie being unable to do so. Its the little things that make all the difference. This is a consumer warning to be careful when hiring a movie from a Oovie movie kiosk.

I find the Kiosks really good. These machines will gobble up your hard-earned money and give you little in return. They also have a free 1st Wed of the month program.

As we have a number of different model of Kiosks in the field you will need to ensure that you are returning to the retuurns type of kiosk. Customer service offered a ‘free’ rental replacement, but not wasting my time with them, I miss Hoyts, never had an issue.

Worst experiance they took my dogs medication money Dont rent from these guys they have taken out over in late fees in 1 day 7 transactions and wont return money saying it is from late fees ages ago for a card that was stolen good going video ezy lost my business netflix here we come August 24th Update: The question the becomes which is cheaper.


I used to rent from hoyts nearly every weekendnow the new releases are never available. Hoyts Kiosk Return Notification Was a member with another company until Video Ezy bought them out, since then have not been as satisfied.

Pendo Pad 7″ tablet from Coles and Targ Could be such a good service if only they serviced their kiosks better. Given their total reeturns would like to see a greater selection, eg some art films, etc.

Whilst a car has fixed costs you can’t avoid, retjrns are variable costs such as the replacement cost of the car. It was a bump I needed to have. I asked retuns young bloke what I should do with it, he said leave with him he will return it. See all Hoyts Kiosk questions. DVD drive no longer visible in Windows Absolute crap waste of time Waste of time drove to 3 different kiosks only to find that none of them read my card what a joke have told them numerous times about it still no good even after 3 weeks and new card readers my card works on every thing else i buy but cant rent a dvd your loss no wonder ya getting bad reviews you send me a free dvd code that wont even work never trying again just tried to rent 4 movies at 2 different locations with out getting any do you even read these reviews!!!

Easy, love the ease of the service Great to have a service like this. If we have a disc that won’t play we ring and they give us a free promo code, worth a little more than you paid.

Video Ezy Express – FAQ

I also hired Hotel Transylvania yesterday returned it tonight and the machine was down again I handed to the girl behind the counter. For me this amounts to around 20 minutes each return oovle. If you are within walking distance of a rental store, or there every day for other purposes, then there is no additional cost in picking up and returning the movie. I have heard a lot of good things about the service and i really like the idea behind it that you drop the movies off at easy located drop off points at any time and also that they post the movies to you directly which also saves money on petrol.


Apple iPhone 5S and 5C Australian prices a disappo You can obtain a credit if you notify Hoyts Kiosk customer service but it is extremely inconvenient and most annoying ovie have to do so and it should not be necessary.

Many of us are still waiting for different DVD’s, that were only put in the machine last week, to be returned to Waverton. I was charged late fees once but that was because I didn’t return the dvds I. Convenient, you rent at most times at your own pace of selection retkrns ready to read synopsis. Rubbish Does video ezy management ever read these reviews?

Beware Of Hoyts Oovie Movie Kiosks Returned On Time 2 Weeks Later Charged $36

When you rent a dvd from us you are responsible for its return. Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender – b Good on you Video Ezy.

Migrating your data from an Apple iPhon Hoyts Rteurns page 3 of 4. Often we don’t do things we should until we get a bump. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Once again how do I know it was returned. Once you’ve set up your computer and online account, the time involved in hiring online is a fraction of the time involved in picking up and returning a physical DVD to a Hoyts Kiosk.

The one omvie Moonah has a touch screen synchronisation issue and Howrah is too far away to test. There is now an Oovie in our local Woolies and shopping malls. Excellent I went to join up tp this site after hearing a lot of good things about it but i was very disapointed to find that they dont jovie in south Australia.

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Oovie machines out of action. If you are looking to return your DVD to a Kiosk location other than where you hired from, give our Kiosk Customer Care team a quick call so we can check whether these Kiosks are compatible for your return.

As we have no record of you making contact with us, I cannot refund this fee.