Room of Rites Strategies: Events that normally would not happen will happen in a “Linked Game. After defeating Veran in a non-Password Ages Game, you’ll receive a Secret to Holodrum and have the opportunity to save. She has a password for you. This guide will help you understand the complexities of the Password System. Appears after you give Biggoron the Lava Soup Given to: There is no need to ask us.

Ice Crystals- As Icerova she will creat two ice crystals which will bounce around the room. C-4 Fire Keese hurt. This person is actually one of the Piratians left behind at the House of Pirates when the others leave Holodrum. It includes whom Link must speak with to get the secret, whom he must tell the secret to in the opposite game, the reward for telling the secret, and whether a minigame must be completed in order to obtain the reward. Updated the Hacked Passwords with no mistakes now. February 13, Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch! Next head down through the newly opened door. Sign up for free!

Hop back onto the Minecart. Want a second opinion before disputing that moderation? Open the Chest that appears for a Key, then go through the locked door.

Did you buy this game new or from somewhere like ebay? Speak to these people again and they will give you another Secret. After clearing Oracle of Seasonsyou will be given the Secret to Labrynna.

D-3 Kill the Stalfos in the room. To avoid irreparable harm, it is recommended to save the game before giving the secret to Mamamu Yan.

Events that normally would not happen will happen in a “Linked Game. This page has been accessed 4, times. You’ve done so much, but can I make a request?

B-1 Like-Likes and Spiked Beetles Pull the lever again, then it’s best to use Pegasus Seeds push the Cube up 6 times. deasons

E-1 Pick up the four Pots ahead of you to head up, pick up the three Pots to you right, then push the last one to the right to be able to head down secerts the other Pots. The new remake of Link’s Awakening is coming this year!


However, there is still a very small change we will receive the same Secrets. Obtaining Roc’s Feather Wing Dungeon.

Linked Game/Secrets

This man is apparently the Master Diver’s senior pupil. F-5 Jump over the holes to the button and step on it, now go up the steps below and collect the Small Key that fell down. Appears after Level 6 and helping the Skull Pirates Given to: Now head up through the newly opened door. Now stand to the left of it and using the North Polarity repel lf all the way to the right.

The Legend of Zelda: The Oracles: Codes to Unlock Game Secrets :: GBC Game Cheats

Use the Long Hook on the right Pot. Push the top Pot right once then head right and jump over the abyss with your Roc’s Cape. Sign up for free!

Thus, the Hero’s Secret allows players to experience both the linked and non-linked versions of both games. I hate to admit it, but you’re far cooler than Tingle Simple, just use the Cane of Somaria on the final space and the Treasure Chest should appear. According to the special green-colored Ghini found inside, the grave is oraclw “bedroom. But I’ll never be able to forge it properly without Biggoron’s secret.

Tingle Secret Received: Oracle of Seasons Table of Contents Walkthrough. Give him the password and play the game. Jump again to end up where the Sdcrets Chest is. I heard a rare secret. I just hope he doesn’t meet with disaster and end up a bag of sectets Choose Secrets from the menu or Game Link, but that will be discussed later and input the Secret that you received from Ages.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons – Password FAQ

Use the new password given to you in your Ages game to transfer the Sword. The name of your site isn’t Fresh Baked Games. Head up, push labrynan block that’s on the right of the group of two Pots down into the hole. Head up from where the Pot was and push the block up.


The Legend of Zelda: The Oracles: Codes to Unlock Game Secrets: GBC Game Cheats

C-1 Be careful of the Zol that appear seasosn this room. Appears after your first meeting with the Maku Tree Given to: When the floor appears, lwbrynna quickly to some Pegasus Seeds and run to the Cube. We are clearly credited. If labrunna can’t do the Screen shot ask someone else to assist you. When your half way between them use the North Polarity to attract yourself to the pole below, then when your to the right of this pole yourself over to the ledge then head down to B Push the Pot on the left to the right.

Go down the new bridge and open the Chest for a Key. After the cracked block is gone, push the block that was above it down, then push the Statue onto the switch.

Actually, there is one more. Play a mini-game involving defeating enemies in certain amount of time to earn the L-3 Master Sword!

The secret turns out to be the legendary Wild Tokay secret. Head to the Sunken City and go to the screen below Syrup’s Potion Shop, dive in the small patch of deep water right against the low wall.

Deku Secret Received: Head below the right switch and push all secreets blocks below it up.