Edit Cast Series cast summary: Gaurav Gera is from Delhi Theater background. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Ranjit Faujdar 72 episodes, A lot of pre-production planning was involved. Kamini Faujdar 72 episodes, Jotangia Sanjeev However , they face a problem always but they get out of them easily. Posted by Shridevi Gaddam at 3:

While on one hand, it is usually observed that most of the comedy actors easily switch to drama, on the other hand, not all dramatic actors succeed with comedy. We wish you good luck… Sharad!!! Rahul Pyarelal 72 episodes, In addition, the show also presents a hilarious take on some of the cult Hindi film scenes and dialogues that will not only entertain but leave viewers ROFLing. Amongst the two grand-daughters, Gayatri speaks in shudh Urdu and Minty is as yet to make an entry. Full Cast and Crew.

This is not something that we see in normal life and even though Pammi doesn’t encourage this the entire scene looks un-civilised. Posted by Shridevi Gaddam at 3: No rating at this time. That was good effort me when I am watching alone. Views Read Edit View history.

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I was reminded of us, our family and other innocent, harmless people chasing their dreams and how God decides to play with them. Pammi Pyaarelal KumKum Bhagya. A landlady wants to give her house on rent but her only criteria is that she needs married couples. There have been many films — both Indian and foreign based on similar concept. Rahul gets kicked out of the house that he lived in as he couldn’t pay the rent to the landlord. At lastParam’s mother also accepts Minty as her daughter-in-law.

The two are unsuccessful in finding a place to live until Param dresses as a girl and his wife. We have worked a lot with Playtime Creations and we both share the same passion for shows, whether it is comedy or others. In fact, I’m a big fan of crazy comedy and having said that I was waiting for the right time which I would say has come now to introduce a show like this to our audience.


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Ranjit Faujdar 72 episodes, Vindhya Tiwary The entry of each and every character is accompanied by a filmy background score which at times is very irritating.

Add the first question. Why would everyone, including Ranjeet who knows very well that Pammi is a married woman want ;yarelal flirt and tease her? Desperate and frustrated, a man goes to the extremes of giving himself a complete makeover.

Each character introduced yesterday has one unique trait about him or her that was becoming the point of being a caricature with somehow only PG yaani Pammy looking naive between all the other caricatures.

Amrita Faujdar 72 episodes, Mazhar Sayeed All the characters are too well defined – someone is too loud mouth, someone is totally forgetful, someone is too strict, someone talks ;ammi Urdu!

Now, let’s see if they face the same issue again. With apt make-up and costume and a lithe body to support him, Gaurav pitches in with a performance with all the adas and nakhras. Wednesday, July 17, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal.

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If you pyarelao then way back in our Indian films men only would play the role of women since it was actually taboo for women to enact the role of a man. In Pakistan it was aired by Express Entertainment.

But my life is not easy. But if I have to use this line today, I would say tumhara muh rupaye ke bhav ki tarah kyu gira hai.

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She also goes out shopping with Mohini where the film artiste co-ordinator Pandeyji sees Pammi and finds a resemblance to Param. For the first time, actor Mazher Sayed tries his hand in comedy for Colors upcoming new show Mrs. At the same time when he becomes a Pammi he becomes Param too in his own limited private space so it was a difficult show. But now, it’s a bit different scenario because I have to fall in love with him. They understood the kind of mind set that we had for this show and we realized that if there was someone who could do justice to a comedy like this it had to be Playtime so they were in and we are very happy about the work and how it has shaped up.


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I didn’t want to give them something heavy at 7 pm itself which will leave casr head heavy all through the evening.

While Kamini is a retired Jail superintendent and thus very strict, her elder son is involved in the stock nae and talks on many phones at the same time, the middle son forgets his identity when he doesn’t take his medicines on time, and the youngest one is a good for nothing character.

Gaurav told me that he pyarellal ready for a daily soap and he had worked his dates around and so we got started with working on the show. We wanted to see whether we can do the same with a TV show… so we decided to do this 6 – 8 months show involving a humongous budget and decided to check whether we could pull it off for 6 times a week, every week, month after month.

It is a starter kind of a show, which has thoda khatta meetha taste. Placed at a 7 pm slot, it’s going to be like a fresh starter before all the other shows.

Enter the newest mystical woo- mania – Mrs Pammi Pyarelal. Rahul Pyarelal 72 episodes, I liked the episode on Day 1 as it really does not stress me out with lack of story and just watch the actors.