If so – what changes did you make to angle your writing more toward middle grade? My child only wants to read graphic novels. Once this project was a go, how did you go about finding authors to contribute and what was your criteria when you pitched the idea to them? Anyway – on to Bubbles! If you have a question or an idea about a topic we should cover, I would love to hear from you. One of the points of growth for me is really recognizing the difference between genre and format. Within that first week, I like to give a reading survey to get a sense of their likes and attitudes about reading. How did you figure out how to assign time logs to the recorded entries?

And also – this way, I can share 30 books with you instead of just 20, so…. Or to know a mystery when they see one? Orphan Island Laurel Snyder. And I am really excited to see what Blake and Matthew have in store next! Up until about like There is a scene in the story where Arthur still named Number 13 meets his first friend, Trinket, this fierce little bird-like creature. But as mom, you pull yourself together so you can listen to your children tell you about their day without dimming their smiles.

But – the boys in my class are loving this book, too!

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The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. The Gauntlet Karuna Riazi. Not a small feat! Before we jump into the book talks for the show – a little bit of news. And I will apologise to my British listeners for this atrocious accent. A pashmina is an Indian shawl made of finely woven cashmere. If you have a question or an idea about a topic we should cover, let me know. And maybe ask them what new things they are seeing.


You can have a novel in verse that is craftivlty memoir like Brown Girl Dreaming or realistic fiction, like Episodee.

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And, like happens, there comes a point when craaftivity have cleaned and scrubbed and dusted and vacuumed and people are just about to arrive! Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker. And now I feel really old! And that first chapter about false starts and false finishes is one that has stayed on my mind a lot this year. A Primate Parody by Michael Rex.

And it includes a great mix of time travel, and animal stories, and legends and a touch of the supernatural. Braced by Alyson Gerber. Things like finding time to go to the bathroom between classes, the awkwardness of changing for gym, crsftivity having a cell phone and feeling left out of things, and…. Dark Thirty includes ten horror-themed stories with a Southern Historical flavor.

Paranormal Challenge Exposed

During those first few weeks is when that classroom culture of reading really starts to emerge as routines and relationships are established. Each month has a different theme and includes a fantastic newly released book with fun and creative goodies all connected to the theme of that middle grade book. So for kids who really love graphic novels, but would benefit from some practice with longer stretches of text, I do have some really great suggestions that still include illustrations and graphic elements but are more on the continuum toward a traditional psranormal book or novel.

This book is about 12 year-old Sophie Mulvaney whose life is in turmoil when her mom loses both her job and her boyfriend within a very short period of time.

I am so excited for those authors and illustrators who will be getting those early morning phone calls. In fact, in our very next episode, I have the great pleasure of sharing with you a conversation with Betsy Bird about this book and LOTS of other things.


If you have kids who might crartivity One For the Murphys or Counting by 7sbut you want something a little shorter and maybe easier to read on that same theme, this book is a great option.

Then I added a personalized note inside, wrapped each one up, and added a Krazy Straw and a some ribbon.


Orphan Island Laurel Snyder. The Kentaro Dead Cat Scene. Our third graphic novel suggestion this week for those who love a fairy tale inspired fantasy is Mighty Jack and the Goblin King by Ben Hatke – the sequel to the must-read Mighty Jack. Then they counted how many covers included a person episoce color and jotted that number down.

And at least one read aloud – probably two! Picking JUST 20 was excruciating. And so many of my students just gravitate toward those graphic novels. Here are three things to love about NewsPrints: Beyond the Bright Sea is about a young girl called Crow who as an epiode washed ashore in an old boat on one of the Elizabeth Islands off the coast of Massachusetts.

This is Episode 36 and today is all about graphic novels! You can get a full transcript of this show and all of our previous episodes at AlltheWonders.