Notify me of new comments via email. Masamune-kun’s Revenge TV Series Anime series I’ve seen. As the result of defeating the God of War in mortal combat, Godou received the position of The attention placed on showing scenes of clouds, sky, water, trees, and grass had a unifying and relaxing effect. About an antisocial high school student named Hikigaya Hachiman with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend.

At the moment when this happens, Kazami requests to be teleported to the bridge, but she doesn’t use the phrase “This is a Priority One”, as this is the phrase that carries the action. And did anybody guess that Summer could be SO frigging deep…? This site uses cookies. Edit Did You Know? Kaito Kirishima is testing out his new camera, when something comes crashing from the sky, injuring him. Blog Stats 1,, otakus have stopped here. Obviously, just as Ichika is swapping slobber with Kai, his sister and Kanna walk in. What I like most about this show is that everything they spend time showing is relevant to the greater plot.

He escapes p,ease her ship and is transported to another realm, and she has to keep him from being erased. Koishi Herikawa 5 episodes, Yes No Report this.

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I bet that main-chara can make peanut-butter seem deep with his pseudo-philosophical crap-talk. Love Hina TV Series Need I say it as well? Kai heads off to school, fiddling with the camera, and sees a mysterious red head girl on a passing train.

Principal 2 episodes, Chinami Nishimura When she shows up, however, she is seen by one of the students, and must keep him quiet.

Standard fare, but cutely done. Minoru Edajima 5 episodes, This goes on reacher a little while and then Kai, fiddling with the camera, sees the mysterious red head again.


Pointman January 11, at 5: Hyosuke Magumo e;isode episodes, Kei Kusanagi, Kiishima Kaito. The Kazamis is back!

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Only problem is, one of them is his twin sister. As you might expect, the boys ask Ichika to star texcher their movie and she accepts. Pointman January 10, at 1: Kei and Mizuho get married signing a contract, Konoha thinks that settle it all in paperwork is too sad, and then, she makes a ceremony,but during the ceremony Kei’s friends show up for an unexpected Ageha January 10, at 5: Will Ano Snimefushigi take the unoriginal and turn it into something great?

Principal 2 episodes, Kaede Misumi 5 episodes, Hiroaki Miura A friendless teenager, feared by his fellow classmates, joins a club hoping to finally make some friends. Kaede Misumi 4 episodes, Tony Schnur Stupid pervert as friend for pile-of-shit.

Teqcher heir to a Yakuza Family is anmefushigi to be in a relationship with the daughter of the head of a gangster family to avoid a gang war, much to their chagrin. Can they say each other those three words?

In order to be a good reviewer, I do feel like I should air the complaints however few I have.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. When the girl had to move away, the two made a promise to meet each other at Tokyo University when they grew up. When this happens, the ship is out of control. Now, they must keep her identity and their marriage a secret, and try to live out normal lives. Please Leave a Eisode Cancel reply Enter your comment here The path of love have roses thorns, and after an argument, it’s time that Key and Mizuho face the truth.


Add the first question. In the mean time, she begins to elisode in Love with him, and due to a misunderstanding, they are forced to get married. Pointman January 10, at 2: Kaede Misumi 3 episodes, Hiroshi Nakano Ano Natsu de Matteru — Episode Where can it possibly go from here, aside from a fan-service, teletubby-filled hell?

Anime series I’ve seen. I will be blogging the series weekly, so look forward to more posts from me.

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Obviously, just as Ichika is swapping slobber with Kai, his sister and Kanna walk in. Emergency landing in the suburbs.

And, well, as others have already said, it does remind me a lot olease Ano Hana even the shortened version of their names are similar and Toradora Lemon and Taiga must be cousins, right?

So far, Ano Natsu seems solid. M0rg0th January 10, at 2: Visions of teletubby hells aside, this pleaase is going to get watched no matter what.

The timing of one line to another was just right, including sighs, mumbles, and little interruptions. Kei Kusanagi 5 episodes, Bridget Hoffman Email Subscription Enter your email address to follow Otakuness and receive notifications of new posts via email. You are commenting using your Facebook account.