Emolga uses Hidden Power, while Sawk goes through the attack. Best Wishes series BW Ash says that now that they’ve made it that far, they have to win. Snivy eats and likes the food, as Cilan says that it has a gem-like flavor that is perfect for Grass Types. Iris asks if she can tell a real and imitation Zorua apart, and Bianca notices Zorua in the form of Axew tiptoeing away. Let’s Fire the Luster Cannon!!

The announcer says that the four semi-finalists have been determined. Luke and Larvesta celebrate and Cilan compliments him on an intriguing battle, which Luke says is thanks to Cilan’s advice. Music begins to play and Luke, Iris, Georgia and even Bianca look up as the commentator announces the next battle is about to begin. Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!! Cilan tells Luke to savor every moment of the battle while thinking of the moment where he tastes victory. Luke puts that advice to good use, defeating Cilan and advancing to the next round! Cilan brings out Stunfisk and Luke brings out Larvesta, as Ash says that it’s another one of Luke’s friend.

Ash drops the camera on Pikachu’s back while he scans Larvesta, the weight almost crushing Pikachu until Ash realizes.

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Stunfisk then leaps into the air, showing that it has learned how to fly, much to Ash’s and Luke’s amazement. She leaps and runs after him, screaming that it’s too pkemon. The second match of the second round begins, as Dino is facing off against Antonio.


The Case of the Disappearing Tabunne!! Cilan says that Larvesta did good by enduring it, and that it has guts and fighting spirit balanced.

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Cilan comments that Sawk is used to battling, and that it is looking bad. Iris rounds on Bianca and Georgia, complaining that things had been going so well, but Georgia rebukes her for making just a dumb amateur video.

Stephan congratulates Iris on her victory, and tells her to win it for him. Emolga uses Hidden Episkde, while Sawk goes through the attack. The real Georgia comes to yell at her, as Zorua switches back to a Zorua. Cilan orders another Scald, which Larvesta counters by wrapping itself in a cocoon of its own String Shot.

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You need to login to do this. Iris tells her that it is really Axew.

Stephan tells Ash that he had an awesome battle. Emolga uses Volt Switch, while it hits Sawk and knocks it out. Cilan tells Luke it was a fun battle, while Luke says that he owes it to Cilan. Stephan comments that either one of the two could have won, asking Cilan what he thought. Iris says that it’s a poor excuse and the two stare each other down. Luke and Cilan blush as they are happy to be receiving the compliments. Luke becomes nervous prior to the battle.


The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!

Pawniard’s blades get caught in the ground as it hits the ground. Snivy Type Grass Abilities Overgrow.

Stephan asks Iris whether Emolga can use any Flying-type moves, and Iris blanches, answering Wishee question. Emolga crashes to the ground again, while Iris tries to think of a way to beat Sawk.

Larvesta then fires a Flamethrowerwhich Cilan allows to hit Stunfisk, much to everyone’s bewilderment. To Avoid the current hassles there is this disclaimer for those Who want to use it without permission: Good question, although this is Ash after all! The privacy and security policies differ.

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Ash and Pikachu assert that they will make it all the way. Georgia says that, since she didn’t lose to a Dragon Type. Stephan complains that the two’s rivalry is getting old, but Cilan notes that worst enemies can ppkemon the best of friends.