From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Japanese: Adventures in Unova and Beyond , where it is a second part of the previous season. Season 2 Language Title Mandarin Chinese. The Different Colored Crimgan!! Iris and Cilan decide to go with him to further their skills, and Professor Juniper charters all of them a cruise through the Decolore Islands on a boat with a mysterious crew.

The Japanese opening song is “Summerly Slope” by Daisuke. As before, Ash receives a change of clothes. Jessie and James have also been redesigned similarly, while also having been given a straighter hairstyle. When the Best Wishes series came to be dubbed into English and other languages, it was divided into three seasons:. Edit Background No background information has been added to this title. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. The Big Adventure at the Museum!!

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The Zoroark in the Fog!! Iris heads to Fusube City to meet up with Ibuki once again to have a battle. Episode N Language Title Korean. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Until the Day We Meet Again!! Adventures in Unova and Beyond.

Isshu ‘s Greatest Crisis!! The Best Wishes title was likely selected using words beginning with B and W as an allusion to its counterpart games, Black and White.

Setting Sail Once Again!! Shaw who is a businessman and jewel collector that has been asking to decoloea the Eye of Liepard from her even though it was watched over by her Watchog all night.


The appearance of Woodate Comet approaches, so Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Alexa go stake out the ruins where the legendary hero it is named after first spotted it. Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!

Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Decolora Adventure – Episode 2 –

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Japanese: The Four Seasons Lineup!! To that end, Alexa suggests that he travel with her back to acventures home in the Kalos region just as Team Rocket hatches another plan to steal Pikachu. Season 2 redirects here.

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Until We Meet Again! Aspiring, young trainers can also work hard to win Showcases, Contests, and a number of other events with their Pokemon partners. The Path to Being Hotachi King! The Mystery of the Missing Kumasyun!!

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Take Back Your House!! Hyper Beam has also been changed considerably, to match how it looks in the games. Tokumoto, Yoshinobu Episode Director. The Crisis poemon Sanyou Gym!!

First episode of Pokémon Best Wishes Season 2: Decolora Adventure! unveiled

Additionally, the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in Unova are designed differently than those of the regions visited by Ash before, a trend that would continue in later series.


Ranked Popularity Members 19, For a complete episode listing, see the list of Best Wishes series episodes. Views Read Edit View history. When they find her Dragonite, Iris’s Dragonite takes an instant dislike to it and the two fight, hampering Clair’s plans to find the different-colored Druddigon on the other side of the island from the port.

On Capacia Island, after a Dunsparce Ash fails to capture and hurts Axew, Iris gets so mad at him that she says she will no longer be Ash’s friend and leaves. The Path to Becoming a Dragon Master!!

Pokemn Path to Be Hotachi King! Fire-type moves and Stone Edge are now rendered in CGI, while physical Steel-type moves make the corresponding body part steel-colored rather than white although this was reverted in the XY series. Jessie and James have also been redesigned similarly, while also having been given a straighter hairstyle.

Battle on the Waterfront!! The Different Colored Crimgan!!