Given that… I almost passed this one up, only figuring out it was an entirely different film while trying in vain to hunt down subtitles to that first one. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Shaman guy makes his dramatic appearance… tells Fahmi that Raina is a tortured soul and that he must agree to send her spirit to Hell to end the horror he has unleashed. Suzzanna passed away in , while Maria Menado is 85 this year. They collaborated on another film, Suzie , the following year. Yep… this guy is more than willing to use the powers of Black Sorcery to first let Fahmi chat with the spirit of his wife by enticing her to possess the body of his best buddy… all the while making the surprising attempt to tell Fahmi just how wrong and evil all this stuff is.

She has long, black hair to hide the maggot-infested hole in her back through which her baby was born. She was soon cast in Ismail’s film Asrama Dara , [1] in which she portrayed the daughter of a politician who must stay at a boarding house for girls. The synopsis goes like this: Her film, Beranak Dalam Kubur Birth in the Grave , in which she starred with husband Dicky Suprapto, is widely considered as her best, even though she never shows her face as the long-haired ghost in a flowing white gown. They seem to have it all… Until tragedy strikes and shatters that happy existence forever. Both are vengeful spirits of women who died while pregnant. Writing Reviews can be fun, and I always like hearing from people when they discover a film they might otherwise have missed from reading one of mine. Both actresses were queens of horror, both were exceptionally beautiful, and both were the first to portray folkloric female spirits on film.

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She retired from films in the s but made a comeback in Hantu Ambulance About the only problem is that they tend to have many of the older discs they list as unavailable once you try to get them.

This one is a minor little film, and one I almost missed picking up when it became available in Malaysia. April 11 Views Read Edit View history. There are tons of others too… but they come and go rather quickly.

She died on 15 Octoberin Magelang at 66 years of age, after 30 years of fighting with diabetes. This site uses cookies. She had a strong on-screen presence, and a face that could be hauntingly beautiful at one moment, and strikingly horrific the next. My guess on the language issue is that since a Malaysia has dialects and b English is the second-most-spoken language in the country source for both: Controversial for its frank depictions of sexuality and coarse language, the film was banned in Bandung but nonetheless the most popular domestic production of the year.


I’m a huge fan of Nakata Hideo’s Ringenough to be struck by that single image of an eye peeking through long black hair.

Ah ha… Thanks a bunch!!

Unable to live without her, Fahmi does the most desperate thing he could think of, to try and bring her back to life with the help of a shaman in violation of all the laws of Allah that they might be together. Together, inthey established the film production company Tri Murni Film, which pontiamak only one film— Segenggam Tanah Perbatasanstarring both Suzzanna and Suprapto—before closing.

Malaysian FilmsReviews. But unlike Sadako’s straight, flowy tresses, the sundel bolong’s is done up Bonnie Tyler-style. The synopsis goes like this: Another great source is Ebay or Amazon Marketplace where many can turn up for sale. It was like a mime show when we have a conversation. But you have to admit that learning different languages is difficult.

This page was last edited on 14 Januaryat Subscribe to Screen Anarchy. All the right ingredients are there — a big, old mansion; an evil step sister; death, murder and lust; a dead body in the scary basement; and even a hunchback. It has no connection to Sundel Bolongexcept for the fact that Suzzanna once again plays the sundel bolong. Suzzanna’s greatest popular success of the s, however, came from another company. Cashing in on the popularity of potianak film, numerous organizations had begun holding “Tiga Dara” competitions; Suzzana, who had been raised in Magelangwon one such competition in Yogyakarta.

Her film, Beranak Dalam Kubur Birth in the Gravein which she starred with husband Dicky Suprapto, is widely considered as her best, even though she never shows her face as the long-haired ghost in a flowing white gown.

Definitely sounds like my kind of movie. Not the most satisfying ending, but at least it neatly sews up our somewhat spurious plot all in around 90 minutes. Grateful for your reviews! Coincidentally, “Maria Menado,” the stage name, is derived from the fact that Maria was born in Manado, in the North Sulawesi province, to which Suzzanna’s lineage also has a connection.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The nanny starts figuring out not all is kosher with her new mistress and pretty soon all heck breaks loose.


I definitely agree that having the English subtitles available makes the films so much more accessable to strangers like myself. I mean… who did Fahmi think he was gonna fool when he just starts living his life again with beraak wife everybody knows died horribly in that apartment collapse? February 227: Do you feel this content is pontiianak or infringes upon your rights? I did watch Susuk last night thanks to you though — it was cool, thanks for the recommendation!

The sundel bolong is the spirit of a prostitute killed while with child, pontiabak gave birth in the grave. Because of her timeless beauty, she aged extremely well, leading some to speculate that she had engaged in mystical practices to keep herself looking young.

I knew somebody would have an answer for this question.

An insatiably curious lil’ kitten with admittedly odd tastes in film and music, addicted to spicy food and berry wine coolers Suzzanna separated from Suprapto dalxmshortly following Napsu Gila ; Tidar Jaya ceased operations soon afterwards. In this film, Suzzanna took the role of Ratna, a woman who must protect her husband’s land kkubur while he is working in Borneo. She has long, black hair to hide the maggot-infested hole in her back through which her baby was born.

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And the sundel bolong and pontianak have a lot in common. Makes my whole day.

I mean what the heck did he think he was going to tell his parents… or his daughter for that matter… when they dropped by to see how he was coping. The two proprietors watch her as she eats with lightning speed, and only realise what she is when they notice the pieces of meat falling out of the hole in her back and onto the ground. But… Raina is not a human anymore… now she is a blood hungry Pontianak… and only Evil can come from her continued existence in the Mortal world.

Tragically, disaster strikes while Raina is pregnant with their second child and she gets crushed to death inside their car during the disastrous collapse of their apartment building one fateful day.